Ferrari XX: Marc Gené introduces the cars | INSIDE evo

Ferrari test driver Marc Gené talks about the cars of the XX Programme and explains why the LaFerrari FXX K is so fast

Ferrari is a racing team that builds road cars. Yes, it has recorded record profits and yes, it has a full range of aftershaves that always seem to appear under a petrolhead’s Christmas tree, but it was true in 1929 and it’s true today: Ferrari builds road cars primarily to fund its Formula 1 team.

The XX Programme is therefore an interesting part of modern Ferrari. It features cars developed and built by racing experts for the track, but the cars never see a race and are often driven by, let’s face it, non-professionals with a whole lot of spare change. Is it just a case of Ferrari cashing in on the thrill seeking rich, or is there something more genuine here?

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Aside from the eye-watering price tags, the XX Programme really does seem like one of the most exciting ways for those with a large enough income to sample some of that Ferrari racing magic. Just two cars are included in the Programme at the moment: the 788bhp FXX and 719bhp 599XX, with a third, the 1034bhp LaFerrari FXX K, to be added in 2015.

Offering these wealthy customers the chance to receive full support and access to world-class tracks, owners of these rare cars get to join the ‘Ferrari family;’ after the cheque clears of course.

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The Finali Mondiali at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit marked the final chance for XX car owners to get out on track at an officially organised Ferrari event in 2014, and it also played host to the launch of the new FXX K.

Ferrari test driver and ex-F1 racer Marc Gené spoke to evo about the cars of the programme. Watch the video above to see the Spaniard talk us through each car and explain why the latest FXX K is such a groundbreaking creation.


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