Geneva 2011: Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG 700 Biturbo

Infamous Mercedes tuning firm Brabus has turned its hand to the new SLS AMG for the release of the 700 Biturbo at Geneva 2011

As the name implies, the new Brabus creation features two turbos attached to the usual Mercedes SLS 6.2-litre V8. In an attempt to eliminate turbo lag, Brabus has fitted a B63 bi-turbo system where there is both a left- and a right turning turbo, one for each side of the engine. This is as opposed to the typical layout for V-engines of two right-turning turbochargers, which affects throttle response.

Allied to Brabus’s own intercooler, dual-flow intake manifolds and high performance air filters, the Biturbo produces 690bhp (or 700hp, again as the name suggests). A titanium exhaust also saves twelve kg from the stand system. Thanks to this and a torque peak of 626 lb. ft., the Brabus is reported to reach a top speed of 213mph, passing 60mph in 3.7 seconds and 124mph in just 10.2.

Brabus has also fitted the Biturbo 700 with a ‘thrilling Widestar wide-body’ body kit, although it appears relatively tame when compared with the other modified SLS AMGs that can be found at Geneva courtesy of Hamann and Mansory. Developed in a wind tunnel and constructed from carbon fibre compounds, it can be painted to match or contrast the body paint, or even a clear coat ‘for a purebred racing look’. Wheels are Brabus ‘Platinum Edition’ styles, with twenty-inch rims at the front and an inch larger at the rear. The external addenda are finished off with front and rear spoilers that contribute to greater aerodynamic balance at high speed.

New suspension has been developed in cooperation with Bilstein and comprises a thirty millimetre ride height drop and a revised ‘Ride Control’ function, which is said to offer the ability of greater comfort and a more focused sport setting over the standard SLS.

The interior of the Biturbo will be available with matt or shiny carbon fibre trim and unique matt anodized aluminium pedals.

evo’s 2011 Geneva motor show coverage

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