Pristine Mitsubishi Lancer Evos to go under the hammer

Mitsubishi UK’s heritage fleet is up for sale, including a multiple time evo cover star

Some of the most iconic and desirable Mitsubishis are about to go under the hammer as Mitsubishi UK puts its fleet of heritage models up for sale in preparation for the brand’s departure from the UK market. The selection includes the iconic Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen edition that we’re very familiar with here on evo, as well as a series of more modern Lancer evolution iterations. All will soon be sold to the highest bidder.

The decision to end UK sales of new Mitsubishi cars was made with some controversy late last year, signalling the end of the road after years of stagnant sales and Mitsubishi’s incorporation into a larger automotive conglomerate. 

Mitsubishi’s passenger car sales have been largely propped up by the Outlander Plug-in hybrid for most of the last decade or so, an unlikely winner for private hire companies and company car buyers seeking a discounted tax rate. This kind of car was a far cry from the Lancer Evolutions and Galant VR-4s of the ‘90s and ‘00s, models that fuelled a fascinating rivalry with Subaru - another a Japanese brand struggling in European markets today. 

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Probably the star turn in the Mitsubishi UK sell-off is the 2001 Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition that has graced our cover multiple times. Despite there being more than a few images of it with some opposite lock applied, heritage cars like this often have a privileged life of low mileage and top-notch maintenance, and the T.M.E is no different. This model is chassis number 6, has less than 10,000 miles on it, and continues to be a yardstick to which so many modern performance cars are judged. 

There are also two UK-specific FQ models up for sale, the first an ultimate version of the sixth-generation Lancer which spanned the Evo VII, VIII and IX. This 2008 Evo IX FQ-360 featured the famous FQ naming strategy, allegedly standing for F***ing Quick, and was arguably the most complete of all the cars that made up this generation of Mitsubishi Evo. It featured larger HKS turbochargers and a locally tuned ride and handling package to make best use of the UK’s broken roads. 

The ultimate UK-specification Lancer Evo was the final Evo X FQ-440 though, a highly-strung special edition that’s also up for sale. Only 40 were built by Mitsubishi UK, and all were based on the later Evo X which featured the new aluminium 41BB MIVEC power unit and a dual-clutch gearbox. The FQ-440 also built on the standard Evo X package with an upgraded HKS turbocharger, but also added Janspeed intake and exhaust systems, high-flow injectors and a range of chassis upgrades around the suspension, brakes and wheels. This example is build number 40 of 40, has 7400 miles on the clock and was used by Mitsubishi UK’s managing director before joining the heritage fleet. 

Finally, we couldn’t mention the Mitsubishi heritage fleet’s finest models without including the iconic 3000GT - an ever present stalwart (or is that punching bag?) for evo. We have a special relationship with this particular ‘80s sports car, it being the target of many a comedy waterbed handling sports car reference over the years.

If you feel the need to bid on Mitsubishi UK’s 3000GT (we would advise against it), or any of the highly desirable Lancer Evolution models, the auction is open now and runs until the last day of April 2021, with different end times for each vehicle. Get your bidding finger ready and head to which is hosting the sale of all 14 cars.

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