Skoda Superb review - the best large family car to drive? - MPG and running costs

Hot hatch powertrains and talented chassis makes latest Superb better than ever to drive

Evo rating
from £19,060
  • Styling, body control and broad engine range
  • Still not a true drivers' car

With a wide range of engines available the Superb also offers a wide range of running costs, though even higher-performance models should prove relatively inexpensive to run.

Particular stand-outs are the 1.4 TSI ACT, the 187bhp 2.0 TDI, and the range-topping 276bhp variant. The 1.4’s turbocharging and cylinder deactivation technology ensures the relatively tiny engine combines both reasonable performance with parsimonious economy, with a combined 57.7mpg in manual form. That drops slightly to 55.4mpg with the DSG, though both improve over the entry-level 1.4 TSI, which reaches 52.3mpg.

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The 2.0 TDI offers the best mix of economy and performance, even in its more powerful form – 68.9mpg combined with the manual ‘box and 61.4mpg with a DSG. For comparison, that matches the significantly slower 1.6 TDI manual, so if you’ve got the option to choose the 2.0 over the 1.6, take it.

The Cupra 280-engined car is least economical of all, but still respectably frugal given the potential performance: you might not match the official economy figure of 39.8mpg in daily driving, but a figure in the 30s should be achievable.


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