Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP Edition - Top-spec Evora in JPS colours for the US market

Thanks to exotic materials the American version of the Evora Sport 410 is lighter than the standard car

It seems like only yesterday that Lotus revealed its last special edition, but still that hasn’t stopped the Norfolk sports car maker launching yet another. The latest car is called the Evora Sport 410 GP Edition and comes in the famous John Player Special colour scheme made famous by Lotus’s F1 cars in the 1970s and 80s. Sadly, the new black and gold coloured Evora is destined for the US only, will be limited to just five cars and will costs $110,000.

You might remember that this isn’t the first Evora to wear the famous JPS colours, as back in 2011 Lotus painted an Evora S to match its black and gold F1 car. However, the 2011 Evora S GP was even more exclusive than the new car as only three cars were built.

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These Evoras join an exclusive collection of road-going Lotus models that have come from the factory wearing the JPS livery. From the early 70s Lotus used the colours to commemorate momentous Grand Prix wins, and over the years the firm has released black and gold versions of many of its models, including the Elan Plus 2, Europa and Esprit.

The reveal of the new GP Edition marks the launch of the Evora Sport 410 in the US market. So if you aren’t quite quick enough to get your hands on the JPS version don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get all the benefits of the Sport 410 even if it isn’t painted in quite as cool a colour scheme.

The US version of the Sport 410 will go on sale along side the standard Evora 400, however it will be no more powerful than the lower-spec model; its supercharged 3.5-litre V6 produces 400bhp and 302lb ft of torque. Its performance has been improved though, the use of lightweight materials and considerable development means it now weighs 60kg less and yet still conforms to the strict US type approval rules. The US Evora Sport 410 hits 60mph from a standstill in 3.9sec, 0.2sec faster than the Evora 400.

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The new American spec Sport 410 weighs 1370kg, 60kg less than the Evora 400, thanks to a carbonfibre front splitter, front access panel, roof section, tailgate, rear quarter panel and diffuser saving 14.3kg in total. A lithium-ion battery has saved 10.8kg, new forged wheels a further 7.2kg while a lighter front windscreen surround saves 3.4kg. 

This reduction in weight has lowered the centre of gravity and allowed the chassis to be retuned with a different geometry, a 5mm lower ride-height and re-valved dampers.

All the carbonfibre equipment has not only reduced the weight but also improved the car’s aerodynamic drag as well as increasing downforce. The Sport 410 can produce up to 64kg of downforce, twice as much as the standard Evora 400.

The Evora Sport 410, like the GP Edition, is a limited model. Thankfully there will be a fair few more than the JPS coloured model as it’s limited to 150 units world wide and will costs $104,200.

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