Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Facebook Q&A - your questions answered

Here's everything you wanted to know about the new GTS

We've had a bright yellow Porsche 911 Carrera GTS at the evo towers this week. It's made quite an impression, but clearly not as much as it did on Facebook. Plenty of interesting questions were asked; below is what we have to say in response.

David Baker - This or a GT4?

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Tricky as we haven’t driven the Cayman GT4 yet. I suspect we’ll love it and take it over a the four-wheel drive 911.  

Syam Krishnan R - When will the 911 become so saturated it can’t be developed anymore?

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Engineers are clever people and they’ll always find areas to develop and improve upon.

Mario Falchetto - So which GTS? Porsche or AMG?

Issue 206 had that verdict: AMG GTS

Patrick Timmermans - Which is better: cayman gts or 911 gts?

Tough call, but our Road Test Editor Dan Prosser says the rear-drive 911 Carrera GTS just wins it.

John McSweeney - What's it like comfort wise compared to a 991 GT3?

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More compliant ride and powertrain, and better suited to day-to-day work.

Matt Jones - Does it have the same spiritual oneness the old 996 c4s has and you loved so much?

The 911 has evolved a lot since the 996 Carrera 4S, which really stood out from the Carrera models of the time. Today the regular Carrera and models such as the GTS are much closer in spirit. Basically, no.

Zachary Sackers - PDK or Manual Transmission?Which is more fun to drive?

The manual has been heavily revised for the GTS and is our gearbox of choice.

Benjamin Ng - Best non-GT 911 in the range?

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Glenn Campbell - How do you rate the Pzeros in the wet..?


Felice Camponovo - Still the same horrible 991 steering or is it more gt3 like?

997s are, IMHO, the last true driver's 911s.

Porsche has constantly updated the 991’s steering and it does get better with each example we drive. It’s not as good in the 4 Carrera GTS as it is in the GT3. It’s no longer horrible but it’s not on a par with a GT3. Yet.

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Marcus Hogan - Is it better with passive or adaptive dampers?

You can only have a 4 Carrera GTS with Porsche Active Suspension Management.

Arthur Tizard - With a standard position set up, is there leg room for anyone to sit in the chair behind you?

Depends what you define as a standard set up. Put Dickie Meaden in the driving seat and a giant could sit behind him, ask Henry Catchpole to drive and a gnat will complain about the lack of space.

Roderick Thompson - Seeing as it's impossible to get a GT3 or GT4, as all UK allocation is already gone, is the GTS a good consolation prize?

We’d have a 997.2 GT3 over a Carrera GTS if we couldn’t get a 991 GT3 or Cayman GT4. But, yes, if you want a new Porsche the Carrera GTS is a good a consolation prize, but would be a compromise.

Alexander HaackIs it as special as the 997 GTS was?

It doesn’t have the cachet of the 997 Carrera GTS because it’s come so early in the 991’s model life. It’s not as good either, in our opinion.



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