This Dähler BMW M340i xDrive is an M3 Touring alternative 

Swiss tuner Dähler has turned this 3-series Touring up to M3-beating power levels 

Whether you have a need for one or not, the fast estate will always be an attractive proposition. Until now, Audi and Mercedes-AMG have generally offered plenty of options but the M3 badge is one still yet to be seen on the more practical boot of an estate. Swiss tuner Dähler has brought the reality of one a step closer…

Based in Belp, Switzerland, the tuner primarily deals with BMW products, its latest project being the M340i xDrive Touring. Fitted with its ‘Competition line’ additions, the B58-equipped estate is pumped to numbers that beat the latest M3, while subtle aesthetic tweaks boost its aesthetic flare. 

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A unit now used in the A80 Supra and every 40i-badged BMW product currently on sale, the 3.0-litre B58 turbocharged straight-six is renowned for its tunability, thanks in part to it’s closed-deck construction and twin-scroll turbocharger. As standard, the M340i produces a peak power of 369bhp and 369lb ft of torque, but when fitted with a relatively simple ECU tune, Dähler is able to extract even more. 

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‘Level 1’ provides an extra 67bhp and 96lb ft of torque for an output of 436bhp and 465lb ft of torque. The ‘Level 2’ tune lifts this to an F80 M3-beating 469bhp and 502lb ft of torque, 100bhp and 133lb ft over the factory figures. 

Performance numbers haven’t been released, however the brand has confirmed that the top speed limiter is removed in every tuned car, likely bringing Vmax to somewhere around 180mph. G-Power’s similarly-powered M340i xDrive covers the 0-62mph sprint in a quoted 3.8sec.

At an additional cost, drivers can have Dähler’s own stainless steel exhaust system fitted, boasting quad exits to let everyone know this is no standard 3-series. Also available are mechanically adjustable coilovers, but units including BMW’s adaptive Dynamic Damping Control will arrive later. Lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels are also available, likewise a more aggressive front splitter.

These upgrades are also available on the 3-series saloon, but without a factory BMW M3 estate on the cards, it makes a fettled 3-series estate with M3-matching comparable power that much more interesting. 



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