Volvo V60 Polestar Q&A - your Facebook questions answered

We run through our favourite questions from social media on the hot Volvo

This week’s Q&A has been all about the Rebel Blue V60 Polestar on test at evo towers.

We definitely like the colour and if you want to read our first drive of the car, check out the review here.

Below is our pick of the question from the evo Facebook page.

Olli George - Does it feel sterile to drive or does it have character?

The car is clearly different to a stock V60. The first thing you notice is the engine and exhaust note, neither of which are what you would expect from a Volvo, with their deep chested and bass filled tone.

Then there’s the damping, which isn’t exactly set up for English roads. Despite the expensive Ohlins dampers the ride is too unsettled for anything other than motorway smooth Tarmac.

Jon Birch - a) does it ride properly? b) Is it a true rival to an Audi S4 or BMW 335i Touring? Is it worth £50k? What will residual values be after 3 years?

a) no, see above. Polestar has increased the ride stiffness by 80%, we’re not sure why because unless you’re lapping Bedford Autodrome there’s no on road benefit to such a stiffly sprung chassis.

B) On paper, yes. But it doesn’t take many miles to discover both the German rivals have superior dynamics and drivetrains.

C) No. And we’ve no idea, but there are only 125 examples coming to the UK so this might help residuals… 

Rory Wallace - Does it have the wee plastic clip on the windscreen to hold parking tickets etc ?

It’s a Volvo, of course it does. Our test car also had a heated steering wheel and heated seats that could defrost an Ice Maiden.

Rob Davis - What colour is it?

Volvo calls it Rebel blue, we’re disappointed it’s not called Smurf blue.

Steve Norfield - Does it come in a grown up colour?

Yes, don’t worry, you can order it in white, black and silver too.

Chris Leith - Is it any good and would it feel a massive letdown from my C63? How does it sound?

Don’t sell your C63. The Polestar is in a different (lower) league to our favourite super saloon/estate. The Polestar sounds good, but it’s got nothing on that naturally aspirated V8.

Nenad Mihajlovic - How does it compare to S4 or C63 AMG?

Sadly for Volvo it falls short behind both, the C63 is pretty much untouchable in this class and the S4 would get the nod over the V60, too.

Paul Roberts - Will there be a manual version

No, you’re stuck with an old school six-speed automatic. 

Andrea Spaziante - Is it mad enough?

Colour aside, no. There are few fireworks from the V60 unless you count torque steer as mad.

Danial Sheikh - Is it still as comfortable as any other Volvo?

If it wasn’t for the poor ride quality, then yes, it’s as comfortable as any other Volvo. 

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