Novitec’s Ferrari F8 Tributo N-Largo introduced with more power and wide-body

The Ferrari F8 Tributo has been given the full Novitec N-Largo treatment, to pack more power than the 812 Superfast

Novitec has revealed another new take on the F8 Tributo, with the release of its new N-Largo variant of Ferrari’s mid-engined supercar. As with its other N-Largo models, this modification exercise features a bespoke wide-body, but its power boost remains derived from software changes, rather than more substantive hardware changes.

Novitec’s N-Largo program starts with the new body, in this instance constructed from carbonfibre, which both reduces weight and makes the process of manufacturing such pieces in low volumes more cost effective. 

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This new body is underpinned by a substantial change in proportions, as its width is up by 70mm and 130mm, front and rear. This has also then required the use of completely new front and rear bumpers and new side sills, although the factory aluminium door skins have been cleverly integrated into the design so as not to mess with the F8’s crash structure. 

Sitting atop the front arches are a pair of wheel arch vents with carbonfibre louvres, these reduce pressure within the wheel wells, and there’s an enlarged front splitter and the removal of the F8’s vertical cooling ducts above the headlights too, which help give the N-Largo a distinct face from the standard car. 

The intakes at the front and behind the doors remain under the new external carbon skin to feed cool air to the powertrain, but Novtiec has not confirmed whether the new roof scoop is actually functional, given the standard F8’s intake plenum is designed to feed air in from the side, not the top. There’s also a new ducktail spoiler and redesigned diffuser at the rear, both also promising an increase in downforce over a standard car. 

Staggered 21- and 22-inch Vossen-developed wheels are forged to keep unsprung weight to a minimum, and due to the increase in width, are wrapped in wider 335-section rear and 255-section front tyres. The ride height has also been dropped by 35mm with the use of shorter springs, but Novitec has kept the adaptive dampers fitted as standard as they are. 

The Tributo’s 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is already a very potent unit, borrowing the titanium rods, lighter crank and shorter inlet tracts from the blistering 488 Pista compared to the 488 GTB, so Novitec has left the hardware untouched, fitting instead its own piggyback ECU module liberates an additional 97bhp and 98lb ft of torque, bringing the total to an 812-beating 807bhp and 666lb ft of torque.

As you’d expect, the 0-62mph time does see some improvement, with Novitec claiming a sprint of 2.6sec, three tenths quicker than standard. Top speed remains at 211mph.

Included in the package is a new exhaust system that helps reduce back pressure, available in stainless steel or lightweight Inconel either with or without valve control. As with all recent Novitec products, all exhaust systems can also be plated in gold for improved heat management, and can be ordered with a less restrictive 100-cell sport catalytic converter.

Should you wish, Novitec will also reupholster the interior in an array of colours and materials, with exposed carbonfibre exterior and interior trim also on the menu.

Pricing is upon application, but with just 15 examples set to be produced, we can’t imagine they’ll come cheap.

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