Mountune’s Ford Focus ST has more power than the old RS

UK Ford tuner Mountune has launched its latest upgrade kit for the Mk4 Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST receives little attention these days, but with Mountune’s new m365 upgrade now on the market, that might be about to change. Prices begin at £689 for the tune alone, but recommended hardware brings the total to around £1800.

The Mk4 Focus ST is no slouch on paper, producing 276bhp and a healthy 310lb ft from its 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. With little modification though, Mountune has managed to liberate an additional 84bhp and 103lb ft over standard, bringing total output to 360bhp and 413lb ft – that’s more power than the now-discontinued Focus RS. Performance figures for the modified car haven’t been disclosed, but expect better than the standard 5.7sec 0-62mph and 155mph top speed (should the limiter be removed). 

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Building upon its existing m330 kit, Mountune recommends the fitment of a high-flow panel filter alongside its 3-inch downpipe, less restrictive sports catalytic converter and ‘sport’ Gas Particulate Filter. Though the exhaust system does see extensive modification, the firm says it has thoroughly tested the kit to ensure cars will pass a UK MOT emissions test even three years after installation.

This being a Ford Focus, retaining daily driveability was high on Mountune’s list when developing the upgrades. As a result, its own SMARTflash smartphone application allows drivers to switch between m365, m330, stock, and anti-theft performance modes to suit the conditions. 

David Mountain, Managing Director of Mountune, said: ‘We are delighted to launch our latest upgrade kit for the much-loved mk4 Focus ST. Ford has done a great job with the stock ST and what we have done with this m365 upgrade kit is to fully optimise the calibration with our newly engineered low-back pressure exhaust hardware – this means maximum performance is available throughout the rev-range and it’s now a seriously fast car, which is also great fun to drive, too.’

Customers that already have Mountune’s m330 kit installed (with supporting hardware) can upgrade for just £99, with new customers paying £1800 for the kit as a whole.


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