The original McLaren F1 press release in full - Every detail of the incredible V12 supercar - McLaren F1 interior

As McLaren re-publishes the full, original 1992 press release for its F1 supercar, it's a perfect time to celebrate the F1, we think


In an intentional return to 1930s’ prestige car practise, each McLaren F1 can be detail-finished to the owner’s requirements.

The F1’s interior is hand-crafted in Connolly Soft Assisted Aniline leather employing the very finest selected hides available. This material offers all the necessary qualities of a typical car interior leather – durable, light-fast, heat stable and consistent in texture – yet it is specially treated to provide superb flexibility, sensuous feel and even deeper texture. Connolly Leather’s policy of continuing research and development has ensured that nature’s traditional products are now even more beautiful and refined than ever before.

The driving seat will have been hand-built and individually shaped and trimmed in the manner the McLaren International Formula One racing team applies for its Grand Prix drivers. Similarly, the steering wheel position will have been set-up and the foot pedals specially built, shaped and tailored to assure the finest possible ergonomic match.

The occupants must be comfortable, they must be cool. Full air-conditioning is standard in the F1 with separate airflow ducting for driver and passengers. Side window drop-sections are electrically powered, while door locking is achieved by remote control.

Secondary controls and switches have all been specially-designed, each finely engraved for identification.

McLaren Cars has also developed an instrument panel combining exquisitely-made analogue dials with a high-technology read-out screen and information system. A defined ignition sequence is displayed on the dash panel instrument screen when the driver initiates the start procedure.

On the switch panel beside the driver’s right hand, a flick-up trigger shield exposes the neat red starter button beneath.

Press that button – and 6.1-litres of ultra-modern V12 will fire into life behind the McLaren F1 driver’s shoulders.

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