Your first oversteer car - Nissan 350Z buying guide

What to look for, and how much to pay when buying a Nissan 350Z

Recalling the classic 240Z with muscular, hatchback coupe lines and a torque-rich 276bhp V6 engine, the 350Z went into production in 2002, hitting the UK a year later with the basic coupe and the GT with electric leather seats, cruise and Bose hi-fi. In 2005 the Roadster arrived, followed by the limited-edition GT4 with an extra 20bhp. From 2006, all versions got this 296bhp engine, and more revisions a year later put power up to 309bhp.


Auto gearbox imports can dip below £5000, while UK cars with decent history start at £6000. But it’s between £7-10K that you’ll find cars with low miles and a full history.


350Zs resist rust well and well-serviced engines seem bombproof. Grumbles at 15-30mph and feather-edged tyres indicate tracking issues. Clicks from the rear mean driveshafts need greasing; replacements can cost up to a grand. Check the £500 service at 54,000 miles has been done. Clutches should last 40,000 miles, but a new one (with flywheel) will cost a grand if needed. Find out more at

SERVICE: £114TYRES (two rear, fitted): £392EXHAUST (fitted, cat-back): £354INSURANCE*: £600ROAD TAX (12 months): £270FUEL** (10,000 miles): £2060TOTAL: £3730

* Insurance based on a 30-year-old male, two years’ NCD, living in Stamford, office worker, no accidents or convictions. Quotes from Adrian Flux (

** Fuel cost based on official ‘combined’ mpg and unleaded at £1.35 per litre


Nissan 350Z
Engine V6, 3498cc
Max power 276bhp @ 6200rpm
Max torque 268lb ft @ 4800rpm
Weight (kerb) 1525kg
Power-to-weight 184bhp/ton
0-60mph 5.9sec (claimed)
Top speed 155mph (limited)
Years ’03-’07
Price when new £24,000 (2004)
Price today £5000-£10,000

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