Peter Tomalin
Aston Martin

Aston Martin Bulldog: the story of Aston's first hypercar

It was the cubist curiosity that was Aston's first hypercar: the Bulldog
6 Aug 2020
Ferrari F430 coupe

Ferrari F430 used buying guide 

With some sensible checks and research, Modena’s V8 ‘baby Enzo’ could be yours from £60k
24 Jan 2020

BMW M3 E90/E92 (2007-2013) buying guide

It has one of the greatest naturally aspirated engines ever made – and the chassis to exploit it. Today this could all be yours from just £15k
16 Sep 2019
Audi RS5 hatchback

Used Audi RS5 8T (2010 - 2016) - buying guide

Can a naturally aspirated, 444bhp sports coupe possibly be a bad second-hand buy?
2 Nov 2018
Ford Focus RS hatchback

Ford Focus RS Mk2 (2009-2011): buying guide

It's characterful, hard-wearing and has a thoroughly modern power figure. Here's how you could be driving a Mk2 Focus RS for under £20k.
30 Nov 2017
Nissan 350Z coupe

Nissan 350Z (2003-2009): review, specs and buying guide

Nissan's mini muscle car is aging nicely and offers simple pleasures from just £5000. Is it all too good to be true?
16 Nov 2017
BMW M5 saloon

BMW M5 (F10) 2011-2016: review, specs and buying guide

Controversial but also mighty, the BMW M5 F10 was the first of a new breed of M-cars. Today you can buy one from just £30k.
6 Nov 2017
Nissan 350Z coupe

Nissan 350Z 2003-2009: review, specs and buying guide

Nissan's mini muscle car is aging nicely and offers simple pleasures from just £5000. Is it all too good to be true?
31 Oct 2016
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise S2 buying guide

There are many versions of the S2 Elise – and they’re all brilliant. Here’s the low-down
6 May 2015
Jaguar XFR coupe

Jaguar XFR buying guide

Jaguar's 503bhp supercharged M5-worrier can now be had for as little as £20k. Tempted? Here's what you need to know
24 Feb 2015
Ferrari 599 coupe

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano buying guide

A blisteringly quick and capable Ferrari berlinetta with a detuned Enzo engine, the 599 can now be yours for as little as £70k
9 Feb 2015
BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW 530d SE Touring review - price, specs and 0-60 time

Estate version of new BMW 5-Series, 3-litre turbodiesel engine, no shortage of options
30 Jan 2015
Mazda MX-5 convertible

Mazda MX-5 (Mk3) buying guide

After a shaky start, the Mk3 MX-5 soon hit its stride, and the earliest cars are now a very tempting £4k
26 Jan 2015
Audi S3 hatchback

Audi S3 buying guide

Audi's premium hatch brings 261bhp and a touch of RS-style class for as little as £10k
20 Jan 2015
Ford Focus RS hatchback

Ford Focus RS (mk2) buying guide

The mk2 Focus RS has a fanatical following – not least among tuners, who squeeze as much as 400bhp from its turbo engine.
17 Dec 2014
Volkswagen Passat hatchback

Volkswagen Passat R36 review - price, specs and 0-60 time

It could be a junior RS4 – but is it really?
12 Aug 2014

TVR Tamora buying guide

The oft-overlooked TVR Tamora is one of the best-driving TVRs and good value too. Here's what you need to know when buying a used example.
31 Jul 2013
Ariel Atom convertible

Ariel Atom buying guide

A great British success story, the Ariel Atom serves up as many thrills as you can handle. Here's what you need to know about buying one.
12 Jun 2013
Lotus Evora coupe

Lotus Evora buying guide

The ‘practical’ Lotus, with a sublime chassis and up to 345bhp. All from just £30k
30 May 2013
Volkswagen Scirocco coupe

VW Scirocco buying guide

Quick, stylish, practical and reliable, the Volkswagen Scirocco makes perfect sense as a used buy. Here's what to look out for
28 May 2013
Porsche 911 coupe

Porsche 997 Carrera buying guide

With prices starting at a little over £20K, the Porsche 997 suddenly looks very appealing. Here's what you need to know
18 Feb 2013

Buy your first evo car

You’re in your early 20s, you’ve served your time steering shopping trolleys, and now you’re looking for your first proper evo car
12 Feb 2013
Caterham 7 convertible

Caterham 7 Roadsport buying guide

Not as extreme as the Superlight models, the Roadsport family of Caterhams is perhaps the best compromise between thrills and useability.
7 Feb 2013
Aston Martin Zagato coupe

Buy your dream Aston Martin

Can’t quite stretch to a One-77? Don’t worry – you could be enjoying a V12-engined Aston Martin for as little as £30k. Peter Tomalin is your guide
5 Feb 2013