Tesla Model Y to hit UK roads in 2022, priced from £54,990

All-electric rival for Mercedes EQC promises 0-60mph in 3.5sec and a 300-mile range

The Tesla Model Y has been in the hands of US customers for over a year, but the marque has now announced that UK order books are open, with first deliveries to commence in early 2022. The model sits alongside the Model 3, X and S in Tesla’s line-up and will cost from £54,990, rising to £64,990 for the range-topping Performance variant.

Sharing clear similarities with the Model 3, the Model Y is a larger car, but perhaps not quite as large as you might expect. At 4751mm it is just 57mm longer than the Model 3 and 72mm wider (excluding their door mirrors). However, as befits its SUV status, the Y is a significant 181mm taller and offers 27mm more ground clearance.

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With a slightly longer wheelbase by a scant 15mm for the Model Y, there’s not a huge amount of difference in the two cars’ interior dimensions: official figures suggest that the Model Y offers rear-seat passengers an additional 135mm of legroom while being virtually the same in other respects. The SUV style does endow the Model Y with a much larger carrying capacity – 1925 litres when the seats are folded, making it slightly more capacious than a BMW X5 – but Tesla doesn’t give figures for capacity with the seats up, which makes further comparisons difficult.

The Model Y is significantly heavier than a Model 3, with the Long Range version tipping the scales at just over 2000kg, 156kg up on a Model 3 with the same battery and motor configuration. Tesla is initially offering just two variants for the UK market: Long Range and Performance, both with the same dual-motor all-wheel-drive and 82kWh battery pack combinations. Power output is yet to be confirmed, but should it share figures with the Model 3, the Long Range and Performance would produce 406bhp and 466bhp respectively. 

The top-of-the-range Model Y Performance sprints from standstill to 60mph in a quoted 3.5sec and will hit a 150mph top speed, respectively four tenths and 12mph slower than an equivalent Model 3. The Long Range Model Y completes the 0-60mph sprint in a still rapid 4.8sec but has a lower top speed of 135mph. Despite those performance differences, the range advantage of the Long Range model isn’t particularly significant, being quoted as 315 miles to the Performance’s 298.

All Model Ys will be compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger network, including the new V3 Superchargers capable of offering charging speeds of up to 1000 miles per hour. However, unlike the Model S the use of the chargers will not be free, with customers paying on a cost per charge basis.

UK order books are open now, with Model Y Long Range deliveries set to commence in early 2022 – the range-topping Performance is expected to hit roads later in the year. Prices start at £54,990 for the Long Range, rising to £64,990 for the Performance model, a £5000 premium over the hot Model 3.

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