Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster convertible

‘2020’ Tesla Roadster delayed by Covid-19

Production for Tesla’s second-generation Roadster has been pushed back, with Cybertruck taking priority 
11 May 2020
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds

Tesla boss Elon Musk suggests how fast a new electric sports car could go
16 Jun 2017
Tesla Roadster convertible

Just looking – Tesla Roadster

Tesla's first attempt at an electric car is still one of its most appealing
16 Jul 2016
Tesla Roadster convertible

Saleen tuned Tesla Model S

US tuning firm Saleen has tweaked the electric Tesla Model S, to unlock some more of the car's performance potential.
19 Aug 2014
Tesla Roadster convertible

200mph 'flow cell' concept hits German roads

The Quant e-Sportlimousine backs up striking design with new electric propulsion tech and a 200mph-plus top speed
18 Jul 2014
Tesla Roadster convertible

Saleen to tune Tesla Model S

The world of tuning is to take a step into the unknown, as Saleen confirms it wants to tune the Tesla Model S. Details here
7 Feb 2014
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Model S launched in the UK

Tesla has opened a new dealership in London, and has announced its to sell the Model S hybrid saloon next year. Details, pictures and UK pricing here
14 Nov 2013
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla on Ice

Batteries hate the cold, right? So how long can an electric car run in temperatures well below zero? John Barker finds out in a Tesla Roadster Sport o…
13 May 2013
Tesla Roadster convertible

Detroit Electric sports car

A new Lotus Elise-alike electric sports car from Detroit Electric promises 3.7sec 0-62 time and 180-mile range
4 Apr 2013
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Sport

Tesla hits profitability and unveils the more potent electric Roadster Sport
20 Aug 2009
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster

Is the Tesla electric Roadster a practical proposition? Peter Tomalin investigates
2 Jun 2009
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster

Ssssh! It's the electric Tesla. Watch it silently accelerate to 60mph in five seconds...
26 May 2009
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster review

Harry Metcalfe drives the £92K electrically-powered Tesla Roadster and looks at the company’s plans
18 Sep 2008
Tesla Roadster convertible

Tesla Roadster

130mph electric-powered sports car to be built by Lotus
22 Aug 2006