2019 Volvo XC60 review - design

It’s a premium mid-sized SUV, so unsurprisingly popular, but is Volvo’s XC60 actually any good?

Evo rating
from £43,845
  • Solid, comfortable, safe and sophisticated, executed with a Swedish flair that now defines modern Volvos
  • Only really advisable as a cruiser; it just gets worse the sportier you spec it


Contrary to many rivals, Volvo’s on a bit of a design roll at the moment, and the XC60 is no exception, with a cool, clean aesthetic that looks expensive yet not intimidating. The clean surfaces are driven by a subtle curvature lacking in the bigger XC90. Its shared platform with the 90 also drives the 60’s chunky, almost cartoonish proportions, with a relatively long bonnet and large wheels in proportion to the overall footprint.

Pretty much all models look good though, and whether on small wheels and with simple body styling, or the biggest 22-inch wheel option and sporty body styling, it always looks right. Compared to the dull German competition, this is a revelation, and the XC60 has no problem living up to the strong price points of the higher-end models.

Those top-spec Polestar Engineered variants pick up a bespoke wheel design, gold brake calipers, black design elements and a unique grille. Although the effect is subtle, it’s just about distinctive enough to make it feel special, even if that’s not something that can be said for the driving experience.

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