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BMW X7 review - a worthy luxury SUV player?

More than just an X5 XL, the X7 adds luxury, a little more space and a satisfying driving experience

Evo rating
from £72,195
  • Space, quality, strong engine range, still drives like a BMW
  • A large car to live with, looks divide opinion

Still think BMW is a company that builds saloons and coupes? With the introduction of the X7, there are now as many SUV model lines in the range as anything else. It might not be the first choice of an enthusiast, but in truth people want to buy SUVs, and satisfying that demand makes good financial sense as well as swelling the kitty for more niche products.

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The X7 is designed to take on large, high-luxury SUVs like the Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GLS, mixing practicality and the ability to carry seven adults with upgraded materials and comfort features. The tape measure provides some clarity; the X7 has the greatest overall length and the longest wheelbase in the class bar the Range Rover LWB, and is wider than all sizes of the JLR offering, the Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

BMW X7: in detail 

  • > Performance and 0-60mph time - Performance is better than you'd ever need with six other people on board. The Quad-turbo M50d has incredible shove
  • > Engine and gearbox - All X7s have a 3-litre straight-six unit made up of two diesels and a single, turbocharged petrol
  • > Ride and handling - Highly competent, but you never get away from the X7's considerable mass
  • > MPG and running costs - the diesels actually hit some extremely impressive numbers considering the X7's size and weight
  • > Interior and tech - Identical to the X5, bar its extra space - it's beautifully made, if slightly generic
  • > Design - The X7 is, ahem, distinctive. Brash, bold and unapologetic 

Prices, specs and rivals

In standard specification the X7 starts at £72,195, rising to £74,195 for the xDrive40i and £87,280 for the M50d, with the xDrive30d M Sport likely to be the biggest seller at £74,655. Standard equipment is undoubtedly generous, with 21-inch alloy wheels, air suspension, electric heated seats all round and the high-specification infotainment system. Add the M Sport pack and you get different alloy wheels, the M Sport brake package, plus the exterior and interior flashes including the fatter steering wheel and token trim elements. Topping the range is the new M50i at £95,745, but for the extra cash comes one of the best non-performance oriented V8 engines one sale. One that's utterly brilliant and utterly unsuited to the X7.

The Range Rover may be the key rival but it takes a different tack, focusing solely on luxury and comfort rather than any pretense at sportiness. It is arguably more discreet, relatively speaking, and has a better image as a result, but isn’t anything like as practical whether long-wheelbase or not.

Mercedes also has its massive GLS400d in the UK which counters the X7 with an even bigger interior, but also a more truck-like driving experience. It's advantage instead lies under the bonnet, where its in-line six cylinder diesel outperforms BMW and Land Rover's units. 

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