Brabus launches Mercedes E-Class Estate tuning parts

Famous Mercedes tuner, Brabus has developed a range of accessories to make your E-Class wagon stand-out from the crowd.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter whether you bought a petrol or a diesel, Brabus has something to enliven your Mercedes E-Class Estate. A new range of tuning kits and styling accessories has just been launched to give the executive wagon an edge in terms of performance and aesthetics. 

Starting with the diesels, the famous tuner offers E220d owners a modest increase of 27bhp and 37lb ft with its plug-and-play, PowerXtra D3 module. For the larger engined E350d, there is the PowerXtra D6 S module. This is good for a 51bhp increase in power and a 74lb ft increase in torque. With the performance numbers now sitting at 304bhp and 531lb ft, the big diesel will reach 62mph in just 5.7 seconds.

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What’s more, Brabus hasn’t shied away from the AMG cars either. Its Brabus PowerXtra B30-450 upgrade, increases the E43 4Matic V6 from 396bhp and 384lb ft, to 444bhp and 420lb ft. Meaning the E43 will reach 62mph from rest in just 4.4 seconds, only 0.9 seconds behind the E63 V8.

The performance upgrades don’t end there. Babus has created different suspension settings best suited to the various wheel and tyre set ups. At one end, there is a more conventional sport spring package (lowering the E-Class by 30 millimetres), and at the other, a control module for E-Class models leaving the factory with ‘air body control’. 

To improve the noise your E-Class makes irrespective of engine, Brabus has designed a stainless steel quad exhaust, the ultimate version of which is reserved only for the E 43. This utilises active sound tuning to take your car from, ‘that sounds meaty’ to, ‘I never liked my neighbours anyway’.

The biggest aesthetic improvements are available to those who bought the standard (Avantgarde or Exclusive) models. Offering more aggressive polyurethane front and rear bumpers, other road users would be forgiven for thinking your E-Class wagon is something a lot more special.

The subtlety of changes, such as the redesigned side air intakes, keeps the car typically Mercedes, yet adds an undeniable impression of performance. The bumper is further complimented by a spoiler (that’s also suitable for the saloon), which is claimed to reduce front axle lift at high speeds. A rear diffuser brings the back of the E-Class in line with the front, ensuring no matter what angle you look at the car from, it appears more sporty. For the AMG cars, there is a bespoke front spoiler and in due course a matching diffuser insert for the rear will come on stream. Brabus claims that its aesthetic changes are not purely aesthetic, but also functional due to time spent in the wind tunnel.  


As always, Brabus will cater for even the most extrovert of interior designs, meaning owners can really personalise their cabin space with an array of leather, backlighting, and aluminium. The icing on the cake? All Brabus components come with a 3-year or 62,000-mile warranty. 

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