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Track driving: Specific examples

A look at some specific examples, like a Peugeot at Silverstone, and the implications of trying too hard to make it go fast at Stowe Corner

The intent of these articles was to discuss some of the basics which might help a driver improve their technique. I hadn’t intended to get into quite so much theory, but when I initially sat down to write the hands and feet part, I realised that it was impossible to say categorically, 'if you do this, that will happen.' It might, but then depending on that, this might also happen... and that depends on the layout of the car... or on how a car with that particular layout has been adjusted....  or this, or that, depending on whatever. I thought that a bit of delving might help to explain why, when a Porsche 911’s primary characteristic is understeer, it tends to crash backwards, or why when front-drive cars are supposed to understeer, some of the modern breed feel extremely sharp at the nose.

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