1096bhp Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series has more power than Project One

Opus Automotive has turned its hand to the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, lifting output to 1096bhp

Opus Automotive hasn’t been around for long, but it’s quickly making itself known with its take on Mercedes-AMG’s range-topping GT Black Series. Once Renntech’s European division, the firm has given the new Black Series a comprehensive powertrain overhaul, with aerodynamic and weight saving modifications also in the pipeline. 

The tuner has only had its development car for a few weeks, but it’s already devised upgrades to lift output to 1096bhp – that’s 56bhp more than AMG’s F1-derived Project One hypercar, and 376bhp more than AMG’s standard Black Series. In order to achieve this, Opus has fitted AMG’s LS2 4-litre flat-plane crank V8 with uprated turbochargers, and reinforced the engine and transmission to withstand the increase in boost. These upgraded internals include forged pistons, uprated connecting rods, machined cylinders heads and an upgraded fuel system.

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There are also plans for lesser, 987bhp, 907bhp and 814bhp kits to be available later in the year. The latter requires no hardware modifications whatsoever, with an ECU and gearbox tune providing the boost in performance. Torque figures for all packages are yet to be announced, but the standard car produces a more than adequate 590lb ft.

Performance figures haven’t been disclosed either, but given that the standard car will sprint from standstill to 62mph in only 3.2sec and go onto a 201mph top speed. The tuner hopes that despite such high power figures, wheelspin will be kept to a minimum by integrating a customised torque limit depending on the gear. Opus also claims that each state of tune will provide a ‘linear performance curve’ with characteristics similar to a naturally-aspirated engine.

There’s also a set of exhaust upgrades on the cars including redesigned downpipes with less restrictive catalytic converts and a particulate filter delete for certain markets, helping that flat-plane crank V8 breath freely. Powertrain modifications aside, the firm will also provide aerodynamic upgrades for the model in the coming months alongside a set of lightweight wheels.

The range-topping package is scheduled to launch in June this year, but with a £355,000 price tag for the base car we suspect it won’t be an inexpensive upgrade.

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