Nissan Micra 160SR

Put your cynicism on hold for a second - this is a genuinely fun little car

Evo rating
from £9,995
  • Spirited engine, engaging chassis
  • Rivals have a more youthful image

First, the bad news: Nissan hasn't quietly unleashed a 160bhp version of the minuscule Micra. The '160' refers to the SR's new 1.6-litre engine, rather than a potentially giant-slaying power output. Get over that mild disappointment, though, and the 160SR is all good. While you could never accuse this sportiest of Micras of being butch, the Sport bodykit does give the 160SR a squarer jaw and more muscular profile, while the 16in alloys set the SR apart from its school-run siblings.

At just over a ton, the Micra makes good use of its 110bhp, delivering a power-to-weight ratio better than rivals such as the Citro


EngineIn-line 4-cyl, 1598cc, 16v
Max power110bhp @ 6000rpm
Max torque112lb ft @ 4400rpm
0-609.8sec (claimed)
Top speed114mph (claimed)
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