Group tests

BMW M135i

Mature hot hatch test

Prefer your fast hatchbacks a little bit more mature? We pitch BMW’s M135i against Scirocco R, Mégane 265 and a 292bhp Focus ST
7 Jun 2013
Audi A1 hatchback

Extreme hot hatches: Verdict

We know how good they are on road and track, but which hot hatch is the most extreme? Here are the results...
3 Jun 2013
Renault Megane Coupe

Extreme hot hatches: On track

Will the track-biassed Megane R26.R or Mini GP clean up on home turf, or will the more powerful Focus RS500 or four-wheel-drive Audi A1 quattro take t…
3 Jun 2013
Audi A1 hatchback

Extreme hot hatches: On the road

Before we head to the track, these mega-hatches must prove themselves on road.
3 Jun 2013
Mini John Cooper Works hatchback

Audi A1 Quattro vs Mini JCW GP, Ford Focus RS500 and Renault

The four-wheel-drive Audi A1 Quattro and new Mini GP battle the Megane R26.R and Focus RS500 on road and track.
3 Jun 2013
Koenigsegg Agera R coupe

Koenigsegg CC8S v Agera R

evo speaks with Christian von Koenigsegg, and drives the earliest CC8S and brand new Agera R, to find out why it’s time to take the Swedish supercar b…
22 May 2013
Volkswagen Golf hatchback

VW Golf R vs Golf Rallye

The 266bhp super-Golf recalls a rare homologation special, called the Rallye, designed to take on the Lancia Integrale. We bring the two together.
17 May 2013
Porsche Cayman coupe

£15,000 Coupes

Four of the last decade’s greatest coupes can now be bought for as little as £15,000. A trip to mid-Wales determines which is the biggest bargain
29 Apr 2013
Porsche 911 coupe

Classic Turbos tested

From original 911 Turbo to Mégane R26.R, via Skyline GT-R, Escort Cosworth and Ghibli Cup, Richard Meaden revisits five definitive turbocharged perfor…
19 Apr 2013
BMW 5 Series saloon

Porsche Panamera and BMW M5 vs the rivals: Verdict

After two hard days on the road, it's time to pick a winner: Porsche Panamera BMW M5, Jaguar XFR or Mercedes E63 AMG? Here's evo's verdict
20 Mar 2013
Porsche Panamera hatchback

Porsche Panamera and BMW M5: On the track

It's time for the Porsche Panamera, BMW M5, Jaguar XFR and Mercedes E63 AMG to battle it out on track at Bedford Autodrome.
20 Mar 2013
Porsche Panamera hatchback

Porsche Panamera and BMW M5: Drag race video

Porsche Panamera, BMW M5, Jaguar XFR and Mercedes E63 AMG drag race. Which one will win? Video here.
20 Mar 2013
BMW 5 Series saloon

Porsche Panamera and BMW M5 vs rivals: On the road

We test the Porsche Panamera, BMW M5, Jaguar XFR and Mercedes E63 AMG on some of evo's favourite roads.
20 Mar 2013
BMW 5 Series saloon

Porsche Panamera vs BMW M5, Jaguar XFR and Mercedes E63 AMG

evo tests the Porsche Panamera, BMW M5, Mercedes E63 AMG and Jaguar XFR against each other, on road and track, to find the best supersaloon money can …
20 Mar 2013
Porsche 911 coupe

Honda NSX vs TVR Tuscan, BMW M5, Porsche 911 and Maserati 42

You could have Honda’s NSX supercar, TVR’s brutal Tuscan, Maserati’s sublime 4200 GT, BMW’s epic V10-engined M5, or a 996-gen Porsche 911 for just £15…
18 Mar 2013
Lamborghini Murcielago coupe

Lamborghini Aventador vs Miura SVJ

The Miura SVJ was the first truly extreme Lamborghini; 40 years later, the Aventador LP700-4 is the most recent. Nick Trott drives both to find out wh…
15 Mar 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift Sport vs £15k hot hatch rivals

The Suzuki Swift Sport takes on six of its closest rivals in our £15,000 hatch shootout.
13 Mar 2013
Lotus Exige coupe

The verdict

After driving on every kind of road in all types of weather, what is the verdict on the Exige S?
1 Mar 2013
Nissan GT-R coupe

At the Nurburgring

The toughest circuit in the worlds puts this grouping to the ultimate test
1 Mar 2013
Lotus Exige coupe

On the road

The twisting Eifel roads heading towards the Nurburgring are the perfect testing ground for this group of hardcore track cars
1 Mar 2013
Lotus Exige coupe

Lotus Exige S vs C63 Black, M3 GTS, 911 GT3 RS 4.0 and Nissa

Is the 345bhp Exige S the car that will take Lotus to the next level? We pit it against four hardcore rivals from Mercedes, Nissan, BMW and Porsche to…
1 Mar 2013
Ferrari 599 coupe

V12 Ferrari celebration

The launch of a new V12 Ferrari is the perfect excuse to bring together its front-engined forebears. Jethro Bovingdon drives them all, from sublime 27…
27 Feb 2013
Subaru WRX STi saloon

Subaru BRZ vs Impreza Turbo

So is the move to natural aspiration and rear drive a step in the right direction for Subaru? Richard Meaden decides by driving the BRZ back-to-back w…
25 Feb 2013
Peugeot 208 hatchback

Tuned 205 GTI vs Mazda MX-5 Turbo

They were great in the early ’90s, and now, with some choice upgrades, this Peugeot 205 GTI and mk1 Mazda MX-5 offer thrills to rival modern performan…
21 Feb 2013