This month's evo, issue 132

Lotus Evora takes on the world, taming the Murcielago LP-670-4 SV, 24 hours on the road and track with Aston's V12 Vantage, hot supermini group test and 16-page Le Mans supplement

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Read latest newsletterNewsVolkswagen gives the Scirocco a bit of hurry-up with the new ‘R’ model, which has 260bhp and some tasteful body mods, and Renault unveils its hot Renaultsport Mégane, the 250

DrivenPorsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 599 HGTE, Renaultsport Clio 200, Mercedes E-Class Coupe, Maserati GranTurismo, Autograph Golf GTI, Alfa Mito

LettersWe don’t appreciate what we have here in the UK, says an Italian. We don’t know what to do in the snow, says a Canadian. We don’t want a blanket 50mph speed limit, writes a Brit, and we agree. Go sign the on-line petition on the Government website Lotus Evora v Farbio v Cayman  Lotus has invested more in the Evora than in any car in its history. But is the mid-engined coupe good enough to see off the Cayman S, ruler of this sector, and the rapid Farbio GTS? We head to Scotland for the answer

Evora v GT-RLotus claims the Evora is a useable 2+2 as well as an inspiring performance car. But at £56K the Nissan GT-R ticks those boxes too. We like them both, but which gives the richest rewards? There’s only one way to find out…

KTM X-Bow goes hillclimbing In a Julie Andrews stylee, the hills are alive with the sound of wheelspin. Roger Green removes his wimple to compete in a wonderful Austrian hillclimb in the locally produced X-Bow

Supermini group test Which is the best junior hatch? We take seven frisky little blighters, including the new Fiesta Mountune, Abarth 500 and Renaultsport Twingo, to Wales and let them loose in the Elan valley. Ollie Marriage is your shepherd

Murciélago SVThe asphalt has run out, the epoch is ending, a swan is singing. Yes, we’re behind the wheel of the LP670-4 SV, probably the final Murciélago and the last Lambo to use the seemingly immortal V12. David Vivian grapples with the wildest supercar from Sant’Agata

Nemesis: the wildest ride of all In the world of off-road racing, UK company Bowler rides high. And lands remarkably softly, as Ralph Hosier discovers when he experiences the awesome Nemesis

Aston Vantage V12 road testIf you have a 6-litre V12 engine and a will, you should be able to get from Gaydon to North Wales to the Bedford Autodrome and back to Gaydon again in 24 hours. Henry Catchpole almost does

The other 24hrs As this issue goes to the printers, the other great 24-hour race, at the Nürburgring, is just days away. In the meantime, John Barker reports on an eventful 4-hour test race

Long-term tests We swap our Impreza for a Focus RS and Simon George has his mirrors full of garage. Oops

Showroom  Our brand new section dedicated to the purchase of great motors. Includes Driving the Ads, our Buying Guide (this month: 996 Turbo), Ask the Experts, The Knowledge, and lots of worryingly tempting classified ads

Birth of an Icon: Ferrari GTO Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to drive, and, weirdly, spawned by the regs that gave us the Metro 6R4

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