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Porsche Carrera GT

With just over another 2000 miles covered since my last report, I’ve been continuing to enjoy the Carrera GT to the full

Rather tellingly, its fuel consumption has worsened slightly recently, falling from just over 18mpg to just under 17, but that’s still quite superb considering the number of trackdays that the car has been used for and its unbelievable performance around a circuit. On a recent day at Castle Combe the GT was comfortably the fastest car in attendance, pushing others to the limit before they eventually moved over to let the yellow Porsche past.

I took the Carrera GT to Donington at the end of July, not for a trackday this time, but to watch the BTCC rounds that were taking place there. It was a typically memorable day in the Porsche. As it began bright and sunny we slotted the targa roof panels into the tight space in the front boot so that we could enjoy the outrageous exhaust note to the full on the way there, making ample use of the lower gears. Unfortunately, after parking up we neglected to refit the roof before wandering off to enjoy the day’s racing, and inevitably the heavens opened towards the end of the day… We returned to a very wet Carrera GT. Lesson learnt.

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I enjoyed total supercar overload recently when I joined the evo team in France for last issue’s Bugatti/Enzo/Carrera GT/Zonda supertest. Not, as you might expect, with the Carrera GT, but with my newly acquired Enzo. Now, it hadn’t been my intention to buy an Enzo, but I begged, stole and borrowed to acquire it, and it’s everything I expected it to be and more. It also soon became responsible for my second car-park gaffe in a matter of weeks when I took it to Supercar Sunday at the Heritage Motor Centre and parked next to two other Enzos. Later that day I returned to the cars and tried to open the wrong one…

Anyway, some fantastic opportunities arose from the spectacular French trip. The first was the chance to drive another Carrera GT, in this instance one owned by Arash Farboud. Arash’s car was built later than mine and benefits from an improved clutch which is measurably easier to use. This also results in the gearbox being even slicker in his car. But other than that the two cars seemed identical. Driving on some wonderful French roads certainly provided a great opportunity to get familiar with Arash’s car, though I chose not to abuse it too much, backing off when the speedo nudged 300kph (186mph)!

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The second great opportunity was to drive the Bugatti Veyron. What an absolutely awesome car. In every gear, in every circumstance, it is absolutely the fastest thing I have driven. It’s hard to believe that there is anything out there that is quicker than a Carrera GT or an Enzo in the real world, but in a straight line the Veyron certainly is.

The third highlight was the chance to drive my Enzo properly. It’s a very different supercar to the GT, with breathtaking performance, superb responses and an unbelievable sound from the Tubi Style exhaust fitted to my example. The Carrera GT feels refined in comparison.

The fourth and final golden opportunity of the French trip arose when the right stretch of road opened up and I was able to achieve something I’ve always wanted to do – to drive at more than 200mph. I was in the Enzo and saw 201mph before I eased off, though the Ferrari felt ready to go even quicker…

I’m still in love  with the Carrera GT, though. Driven responsibly, it’s as quick as anything else A-to-B and guarantees to put a smile on your face every single time you drive it. I hope to get the Porsche and the Ferrari together on track soon to see how the two compare. I’ll let you know.

Running Costs

Date acquiredFebruary 2006
Total mileage7677
Costs this month£0
Mileage this month724
MPG this month16.8mpg

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