evo Car of the Year 2021

evo Car of the Year 2021 saw the ultimate reckoning of the year's best high performance cars

Our annual eCoty test features the definitive verdict on the year's best performance cars, crowning the winner with the industry's biggest accolade – evo Car of the Year. 

2021 saw us on some of our favourite roads around the north of Scotland, with seven esteemed judges and a whole team of photographers, videographers and assistants on hand to pull off the year’s biggest test. Watch our eCoty 2021 video below, of if you've come here looking for our up-to-date 2022 results, click here

The contenders

Ferrari SF90

It’s a big one for Ferrari. The first series production hybrid supercar, the most expensive Ferrari ever on eCoty, arguably the car with the most to prove. The SF90 is a content-heavy car, with lots to offer, but also lots to make work. And with feel and engagement as the most important element of eCoty, Ferrari has their work cut out.

> Ferrari SF90 review 

Lamborghini Huracán STO

And this is also a big one for Lamborghini. The Huracán’s been steadily improving over the years to the point where it was challenging for top honours in 2020. So will the STO, which has already proven to be very impressive, maintain that momentum and finally give Lamborghini its first eCoty title? Its chances have never looked so good. 

> Lamborghini Huracán STO review 

BMW M3 Competition 

Once we got over its challenging new look, auto ‘box and high kerbweight, the M3 Competition has proven to be one hell of an achievement for a brand on a roll. That’s because the BMW comes off the back of a triumphant 2020 and its brilliant M2 CS. So with all the arrows pointing in the right direction, the M3 Comp is going into this year’s test as a red hot favourite. 

> BMW M3 Competition review

Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

Aston’s current Vantage has been through quite the transformation since it first arrived back in 2018, but never has the brutish coupe been as dynamically sorted as the F1 Edition. Thanks to subtle but meaningful changes to the car’s suspension geometry and chassis tuning, the new F1 Edition impressed us during our first drive with notable improvements in control and response, and when combined with its fantastic powertrain made it a must-have contender this year. 

> Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition review

Hyundai i20 N

The i20 N joins this year’s cast as the typical hot hatch underdog in a sea of high priced and high performance contenders. But the i20 N is not to be underestimated, as not only is it a bright spark of fresh air in the supermini class, but also a distillation of all of the momentum Hyundai and the N division have accumulated over the last few years. 

> Hyundai i20 N review


BMW’s next CS model might be attached to a family sized four-door saloon, but to question the M5’s place in this year’s test would be a mistake. That’s because while it might only be marginally more powerful and only marginally lighter than the considerably less expensive M5 Competition, the magic’s in the setup. So with a CS still the reigning champ, and momentum firmly on BMW’s side, the M5 could well be the dark horse of our lineup.

> BMW M5 CS review

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring

While a GT3 will always feel like a front-runner in any eCoty competition, but with so much expectation, so too comes an expectation to succeed. The new 992 is no exception, after a stirring performance in both our individual and group tests it has a lot to live up to against the year’s best. Given this year’s test is entirely based on road, we’ve brought along a Touring with a manual transmission. Pressure’s on. 

> Porsche 911 GT3 review

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Our wildcard this year is the Civic Type R Limited Edition, a hardcore version of the best hot hatchback in recent memory, here to give a front-wheel drive car the best chance yet of breaking through. It might be getting on a bit, but engagement is ageless, and the Honda continues to over deliver every time we get behind the wheel. 

> Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition review

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