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How would you spend £100,000 on a three car Fantasy Garage? Find out ours here

Welcome to evo's ‘Fantasy Garage’ If I’m honest, the title is a bit misleading as all the cars featured are available to buy via Cars For Sale – the newest (and fastest) car search engine online, powered by evo.

I’ll set an evo staffer a challenge to find a car, or cars, for a fixed budget. For the first Fantasy Garage I’ve set, er, me a challenge to find three cars – a toy, a sports car or GT and a daily driver – for £100,000. It wasn’t the most irksome of tasks as a) the website is easy to use (I would say that, but it’s true), and b) scanning the classifieds is always fun.

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I got distracted during my search by a De Tomaso Pantera and a quick check of my savings account to see if I could afford it (I can’t), but when I got over the disappointment I found three cars that, if I had £100K, I’d buy in a flash. In fact, that Noble is looking particularly tempting… Let us know what you think of the choices – or share your own – on our Fantasy Garage forum thread hereThe toy - Noble M12 GTOI had the biggest ‘moment’ I’ve ever had on the road in a Noble. It was a wide, wet two-lane roundabout. I pushed the accelerator pedal too hard, and – whoosh! – the rear wheels span as fast as the turbos spooled and I travelled 30ft on full opposite lock. A following colleague pulled alongside and applauded; he didn't know I was totally out of control. So why pick the Noble? Total chassis brilliance. Few cars, even today, manage such levels of interactivity, precision and balance – and few cars will stick with a Noble on a trackday. That’s why it’s my toy. Despite the fact that one tried to kill me. £21,500, click here to find out more The sports car/GT – Porsche 997 TurboObvious, perhaps, but little else would fit my needs. I searched for a DB9 or a Vanquish as I’d sometimes need rear seats, but then the 911’s lure took over. Only the Nissan GT-R is maybe a better all-weather supercar, but the compactness of the 911 appeals. This car is stunning, too – black, a manual gearbox and the Sport Chrono Package. 193mph for £50K. Perfect. £49,999, click here to find out more Daily driver – BMW M5 TouringI wasn’t looking for this – my initial search for ‘AMG estate’ revealed a few C-classes, but with two small kids I’d need something bigger. So I popped ‘BMW estate’ into the search function and this beauty leapt off the page. What’s not to like about the E61 M5 Touring? We’ll never see another car like it – a race-bred V10 engine matched to an Ikea-friendly boot area. Just brilliant. SOLD! See more M5s for sale here



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