Porsche Panamera review - A saloon for proper drivers? - MPG and running costs

The much better looking new Panamera is deeply sophisticated

Evo rating
from £67,898
  • Better looking than ever, impressive to drive, mighty performance from Turbo
  • Diesel V8 is disappointing, odd brake pedal on hybrid model

MPG and running costs

Oldly, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, despite its extra electric motor, doesn’t offer the greatest on-paper economy figures across the board. It might be able to cover 31 miles in electric-only mode when fully charged, and it might be able to achieve 88.5mpg when covering short, low speed journeys with a full battery, but the 4S Diesel is more economical over long distances with a combined fuel consumption of 42.2mpg.

The Turbo, to no ones surprise, can’t match diesel and hybrid models. Its official combined MPG is 30.1. Don’t expect to get near to that in reality, the car’s performance and the subtle rumble of its V8 make it impossible to keep throttle pedal movements to just the bare minimum.

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As it’s a Porsche, tyres, brakes and servicing won’t be cheap. But as it’s a Porsche, and therefore a performance car, you don’t want to be skimping on such items anyway.


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