Best new car deals 2019 – today’s top finance offers on some evo favourites

Big thrills need not require big money – all the time, anyway – here are a few great deals on some evo favourites

Sitting near or at the top of their respective line-ups, performance variants are usually forbidden fruit for most buyers looking to purchase a new car on PCP or finance deals.

There is a silver lining when the cars start to age, however, as these niche vehicles remain on dealer forecourts longer than more popular models and start to be offered with increasingly tempting finance offers just to shift them out of stock.

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We’ve picked out a few of the best new car deals floating around, as well as had a look at some of the industry’s most exciting new models, including some of our eCoty class winners, to make them all the more tempting.

Best new car deals 2019

BMW M6 Gran Coupe - £801 per month

BMW’s M6 Gran Coupe might not be much longer for this world, but thanks to an excess of stock in dealerships, financing a new one may not be as expensive as you might think for a car costing over £100k. Thanks to a zero per cent APR and a massive £29k deposit contribution, the M6 might be the cheapest way into a £100k motor.

Model: BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Monthly payments: £801

List price: £100,095

Deposit: £5,838

Deposit contribution: £29,253

Instalments: 48

APR: 0%

Optional final payment: £29,349

Total to pay: £100,095

Volkswagen Golf GTI PP – £392 per month

The Golf GTI has been a hot hatch stalwart for upwards of 40 years, but the GTI’s classless appeal, bolstered by its supremely polished driving experience, is stronger than ever. Quoted here in our ideal five-door, Performance Pack guise, the Mk7 GTI, more than ever, is all the car one might ever need.

Model: Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Pack five-door

Monthly payments: £392

List price: £30,475

Deposit: £3047.50

Deposit contribution: £1500

Instalments: 48

APR: 5%

Optional final payment: £11,177

Total to pay: £34,175

Audi RS6 Avant – £699 per month

Like the BMW M6 above, the Audi RS6 Avant is reaching the end of its life cycle, meaning great deals are to be had. At just £699 per month, the monthly payment is over £200 less than the smaller, but newer, RS4 Avant, and includes a £7k contribution to the deposit.

Model: Audi RS6 Avant

Monthly payments: £699

List price: £81,410

Deposit: £14,513

Deposit contribution: £7000

Instalments: 48

APR: 5%

Optional final payment: £36,653

Total to pay: £84,029

Honda Civic Type R GT – £437 per month

The Honda Civic Type R is pretty much our favourite hot hatch right now, and for a reasonable £437 per month you could have one on your drive, if you can overcome the Type R’s challenging aesthetics.

Model: Honda Civic Type R

Monthly payments: £437

List price: £32,995

Aim to pay: £32,995

Deposit: £4997

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 37

APR: 5.9%

Optional final payment: £16,249

Total to pay: £36,966.85

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio – £699 per month

We like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. So much so that when Alfa Romeo came to pick up our Fast Fleet long-termer, there were quite serious conversations in the office about how to disappear into the Dolomites where Alfa Romeo’s UK press office could never find us. A (nearly) reasonable finance option has made the removal a little easier to bear, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Monthly payments: £699

List price: £61,595

Deposit: £9,799

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 48

APR: 3.41%

Optional final payment: £24,091

Total to pay: £66,743

Porsche 911 GTS – £886 per month

Stump up the deposit of over £23,000, and you can get behind the wheel of the 911 Carrera GTS for £886 per month. A bridge between basic Carreras and their more specialised brethren, the GTS is quickly gaining a reputation of being the ultimate goldilocks 911.

Model: Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Monthly payments: £886

List price: £95,795

Deposit: £23,948

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 35

APR: 6.1%

Optional final payment: £51,824

Total to pay: £106,816

McLaren 570S – £1,004 per month

Even high-performance supercars can be bought on finance today. Pay the eye-watering deposit for the McLaren 570S Coupe and you’ll only need to fork out just over £1,000 a month for three years. The £95,298 payment in the end is very steep, but if you go for it you’ll be the owner of a car that will cover 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds and top out at more than 200mph, thanks to its 562bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Despite the 570S’s sporting credentials, it’s still usable on a daily basis, and it has a roomy cabin and comfortable seats.

Model: McLaren 570S Coupe

Monthly payment: £1,004

List price: £149,905

Deposit: £41,299

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 35

APR: 7.9%

Optional final payment: £95,298

Total to pay: £171,750

Porsche Panamera – £694 per month

The second-generation Porsche Panamera four-door saloon has ditched the controversial styling of its predecessor and now looks – and drives – much like a large 911. As the name suggests, the Panamera 4 comes with four-wheel drive, and the manufacturer also incorporates a generous amount of kit as standard, including adaptive cruise control. But there’s no deposit contribution from Porsche to help with the monthly payments.

Model: Porsche Panamera 4

Monthly payments: £694

List price: £71,779

Deposit: £15,700

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 35

APR: 6.2%

Optional final payment: £40,486

Total to pay: £80,494

Bentley Bentayga – £1,151 per month

Bentley caused quite a stir when it announced it was building an SUV. The Bentayga has lost none of the marque’s bespoke luxury and refinement, despite its off-road credentials and taller ride height. The W12 delivers plenty of power, but the diesel V8 gives the best mix between performance and daily usability.

Model: Bentley Bentayga V8 Diesel

Monthly payments: £1,151

List price: £137,055

Deposit: £32,893

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 35

APR: 6.3%

Optional final payment: £80,832

Total to pay: £154,030

Porsche 718 Boxster – £459 per month

We may question Porsche’s move to the new flat-four turbo engine, but the 718 still offers up one of the finest chassis’ in the business. Slow sales have forced Porsche’s hand in offering a reasonable finance deal for buyers, however, so now might be the time to get a 718 Boxster out of your system.

Model: Porsche 718 Boxster

Monthly payments: £459

List price: £44,758

Aim to pay: £44,758

Deposit: £9,900

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 35

APR: 6.4%

Optional final payment: £25,005

Total to pay: £50,971

Jaguar F-Pace – £430 per month

We aren’t much into the whole SUV thing, but we cant ignore that they are now a crucial market segment for all manufacturers. Jaguar’s F-Pace is a lesser evil than many however, being based off the XE and XF saloons, it thoroughly out-drives its smaller, and yet no lighter E-Pace sibling. 

Model: Jaguar F-Pace 2.0d R-Sport 180PS AWD Auto

Monthly payments: £430

List price: £41,330

Deposit: £8,590

Deposit contribution: £700

Instalments: 36

APR: 5.9%

Optional final payment: £21,289

Total to pay: £45,372

Ford Fiesta - £208 per month

Ford recently launched an all-new Fiesta, loaded with safety and infotainment tech, and it’s returned to the top of the new car sales charts. It’s still great to drive, especially with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine. There’s no deposit contribution, but if you can put £3,000 towards the purchase price on the Options PCP scheme with a low 1.2 per cent APR, you could have a peppy Fiesta Zetec for £208 a month. 

Model: Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost 100PS

Monthly payments: £208

List price: £16,595

Deposit: £3,000

Deposit contribution: £0

Instalments: 36

APR: 1.2%

Optional final payment: £6,447

Total to pay: £16,961 

BMW 3 Series – £305 per month

Other compact execs may look better – and even drive better – than the 3 Series, but as an overall package the BMW is still hard to beat. With a new 3 on the horizon, the brand is offering a whopping £5,559 contribution to buyers taking out a PCP deal. Put down a £6,329 deposit, and over a three-year term you could be driving this stylish machine with its punchy but efficient diesel engine for £305 a month. BMW’s 1.9 per cent APR is highly competitive, too. Go for the final payment, and you will have shelled out less for the car than if you had bought it with cash.  

Model: BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport

Monthly payments: £305

List price: £33,920

Deposit: £6,329

Deposit contribution: £5,559

Instalments: 35

APR: 1.9%

Optional final payment: £12,321

Total to pay: £29,337 

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