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Range Rover review - hugely capable, but can it compete with saloon rivals for luxury? - MPG and Running costs

Everything to everybody, everywhere - the Range Rover is unsurpassed.

Evo rating
from £74,950
  • Country royalty that’s also at home in the cut and thrust of the city
  • You’ll need to be on the Civil List to buy and run one

MPG and running costs

No matter how you look at it, running a Range Rover is going to be expensive. How expensive depends on engine choice, obviously, but even less frequent fills in the diesel models are going to have you seeing the numerals rolling into three figures at the pumps. The SDV6 Hybrid might lay claim to the most parsimony - we’re talking relatively here - with 44.1mpg and 169g/km CO2 emissions, but that’s somewhat offset by its £100,350 list price, as it's only offered in top Autobiography trim.

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The £26,500 difference between the SDV6 Hybrid and the TDV6 Vogue pays for 265 fills at £100 a throw. The TDV6 doesn’t trail its battery assisted relation too much on economy with a 40.9mpg combined figure and CO2 emissions of 182g/km. The SDV8’s 32.5mpg and 229g/km are just about palatable, while the petrol V8’s performance comes with the penalty of a combined economy figure of 22.1mpg and emissions of 299g/km. All will be less in reality, the S/C significantly so. Little wonder both V8s come with a larger 105-litre fuel tank, which is 25 litres more than the TDV6 and SDV6 Hybrid.

Servicing packages are offered from Land Rover to keep maintenance costs predictable, though there’s no escaping the fact that running a Range Rover will be expensive.  

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