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Geneva motor show 2016 – all the cars that matter - Geneva motor show 2016 - page 2

A new Maserati, new Ferrari and new Aston Martin - not to mention the Bugatti Chiron - made the 2016 Geneva show one to look forward to

Ferrari California Handling Speciale

We’re not expecting a driving experience akin to the 458 Speciale with Maranello’s latest handling pack for the California, but there should be plenty of fun on offer.

You can read our full report for a run-down on the major changes, but suffice to say stiffer suspension, recalibrated dampers and a new exhaust system should add an extra edge to the California T.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The newly-revealed FF replacement is Ferrari’s real star at the Geneva show. Already a uniquely talented GT, the GTC4Lusso adds four-wheel steering to the FF’s all-wheel drive.

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There are styling improvements too – note the sharper flanks and revised rump – while the naturally-aspirated V12 gets a mild power and torque boost. There’s no quicker way of getting your skiing gear to the top of a snowy mountain.

Honda Civic Prototype

Honda’s Civic has rarely been the most exciting of vehicles, but as a darling of the tuning crowd and with several Type R variants to its name, it’s hardly short of performance heritage either.

We’ve had a glimpse of the latest model with the ‘Civic Hatchback Prototype’ revealed in Geneva. Styling isn't far removed from the coupe model recently unveiled in the US – and since the UK’s Honda factory will be making Civics for the worldwide market, that’s perhaps not surprising.

Koenigsegg Regera

Geneva really is drowning in hypercars this year, and the 1479bhp Koenigsegg Regera is undoubtedly one of the most significant launches.

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'Significant launch' is an appropriate term for a car that belts to 249mph in 20 seconds, having crossed 189mph in 10.9sec and 62mph in 2.8sec. But as Henry Catchpole's video shows, there's a lot more to it than bare figures.

Lamborghini Centenario

Celebrating 100 years since the birth of your founder should call for an appropriately extravagent gift, and the Centenario is Lamborghini's.

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With 759bhp it develops around half the power of some of the hypercars at Geneva, but when that engine is a naturally-aspirated V12 - no turbochargers or hybrid systems here - it looks more impressive. And the styling? We're not sure too many will accuse Lamborghini of going soft.

Lexus LC 500h

We've already seen the Lexus LC coupe in production form, with the LC 500 revealed in Detroit earlier in the year. Geneva marks the debut of the LC 500h - a hybrid version of the firm's new luxury coupe.

It's set to use a new hybrid powertrain, dubbed a "Multi-Stage Hybrid System", which promises 'higher performance, more driving pleasure and greater efficiency'. Like the regular LC 500, expect more of a GT than a sports car.

Lexus LF-FC concept

We first saw the striking LF-FC concept at the Tokyo motor show last October, but it returned at Geneva with even stronger hints that it'll preview the look of the next Lexus LS.

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If that's really the case, it'll be one of the most distinctive luxury saloons on the market, and it's evidence that Lexus is really getting the hang of its current design language. It also hints at hydrogen power and high-technology.

Mazda RX-Vision concept

We got a chance to see the RX-Vision concept at the Tokyo motor show in October 2015, but Geneva was the first chance for European enthusiasts to see Mazda’s rotary-engined sports car concept.

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Mazda still hasn’t committed to producing the RX-Vision, which would serve as a spiritual successor to the much-admired third-generation RX-7, but the company does say it’s serious about reintroducing rotary engines in the future.

Maserati Levante

You might not like the thought, but we’ll all have to live with the result – Maserati is producing an SUV, and it appeared in Geneva. It's called the Levante, and as you can see from the image above, it'll take some getting used-to.

It uses the same twin-turbocharged 3-litre V6 petrol and diesel engines as the Ghibli saloon. There'll be a V8 too and even - whisper it - a plug-in hybrid, in 2018. It's almost assured to be a success, just like the Cayenne was for Porsche.

McLaren 675LT and P1 by MSO

There's a certain self-satisfaction to showing a brace of cars at a motor show that have already sold out, but McLaren is keen to extol the abilities of its McLaren Special Operations division and it chose the 675LT and P1 to do so at Geneva.

The P1 features a blue-tinted lacquered body, exposing the hand-laid carbonfibre weave below. The 675LT on the other hand is presented in 'ceramic grey' paintwork. You can read more about the specification of each by clicking here.

Morgan EV3

The Morgan EV3 is officially here (in 'production intent' form), and it's instantly become one of the most desirable electric cars on sale. One of the longest-range too, if you ignore Tesla's enormous offerings - 150 miles gets a lot of open-topped motoring.

Power comes from a 62bhp electric motor and a 9-second 0-60mph time is the result. The styling is fantastic, too. It'll be the first electric production model from the company following its £6 million funding from the UK's Advanced Propulsion Centre.

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