Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2015 review - Faster than a Ferrari 458 Speciale? Watch to find out

Breathtakingly exciting and the most communicative 991 yet, the latest GT3 RS is a triumph

Evo rating
from £131,296
  • Pace; grip; best steering yet in a 991; motorsport-inspired styling
  • Engine lacks the last 500rpm flourish of the regular GT3; PDK-only

The latest Porsche 911 to wear the historic Rennsport badge (sticker) is a credit to the breed. It is fearsomely fast and crushingly capable, but it has also re-found some of those wonderfully interactive Porsche traits that we feared might have been lost for good. It also remains something of a bargain… if you managed to get your name on the list for one. 

Video Review

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: in detail

Performance and 0-62mph time > Only marginally quicker than the 991 GT3 that spawns it, but it delivers that performance with a different character. Read all about the 911 GT3 RS performance here

Engine and gearbox > Expanded to 4-litres, the GT3’s output swells to 493bhp, but the RS now feels brawnier throughout the rev range. The PDK transmission is ruthlessly fast. Read all about the engine and gearbox here

Ride and handling > Massive grip, but not so much that it’s less exciting – if anything, it adds to the experience. Finally, we’ve got some proper steering feel in the 991 too. Read about the GT3 RS ride and handling here

MPG and running costs > You can’t expect a car like this to be too cheap to run, so few owners will be too disappointed with 22mpg combined economy. Read about the GT3 RS MPG and running costs here

Interior and tech > The standard 911 cabin is enlivened nicely by 918 Spyder-inspired seats and steering wheel, along with a roll cage, fabric door pulls and other typical RS accoutrements. Read about the 911 GT3 RS interior

Design > An enormous wing, vented wheel arches, deep front splitter and enormous wheels all add visual aggression to the GT3’s basic shape. Read about the GT3 RS design here

Prices, specs and rivals

The price of a 911 GT3 RS is largely irrelevant for most people - the car sold out in double-quick time, meaning most buyers will have to settle for the Lego Technic 911 GT3 RS instead. Even so, the lucky few who bought one would have paid Porsche's list price of £131,296, where a regular GT3 costs £100,540 and 911s as a whole start at £73,509.

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That may make the 911 GT3 RS look a bit pricey, but look at it this way - you are getting the absolute pinnacle of Porsche, created by the company's finest minds. Value the car in terms of thrills it can deliver and it begins to look a bit of a bargain. We've already pitched the GT3 RS head-to-head with the McLaren 675LT - the most extreme model in McLaren's Super Series. The British car is significantly more powerful, with 666bhp, and costs £259,500.

An unfair comparison? Not at all - while few will cross-shop the two cars, both have the same road-racer ethos. But at this, the Porsche excels, with clarity and richness of feedback that sets an industry standard. Some go faster, in other words, but few deliver such an intense driving experience. That applies whether you opt for a McLaren, spend over £180,000 on a new Ferrari 488 GTB, or any other high-performance car you care to mention.

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