Audi RS6 Avant and RS6 Performance review - design

Audi’s most powerful, fastest estate car may lack ultimate involvement and dynamics, but it’s still one of the best in its class.

Evo rating
from £79,545
  • Pace, space and impeccable build
  • Not the most involving of drives


The RS6 might seem to trade on an enviable combination of its estate body and prodigious V8 engine, but the reality is that if it looked no different to a standard A6 or S6 estate, it’s unlikely to have made quite such an impression. The C7 is no different, this time combining a bespoke body-in-white with rear unique doors, bumpers and front wings. Only the bonnet, roof, tailgate and front doors are shared with other Audi A6 Avants, an incredibly resource-heavy thing to do for a single relatively low-volume model.

What it does though is give the RS6 almost an identity of its own. The heavily flared arches, this time of a more modern pulled-arch style rather than the retro boxes of the previous C6 RS6, define the exterior design more than any other element, dramatically changing its stance on the road. The wheels, either 20- or 21-inches, are not only taller than standard A6 models, but much wider too. The higher tyre profile on the standard 20-inch units also keep the RS6 from looking under-wheeled, but for maximum street credit you’ll need to go for the 21s. 

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The front mesh grilles are all real, so too the massive oval exhausts giving the overall design a sense of authenticity often missing with lesser Audi models, and while it’s easy to specify an RS6 to look no less ostentatious than a McLaren 720S, keep the specification subtle and it will still take those with a discerning eye to notice it. Dig into Audi’s Exclusive division for an extended paint and leather palette and you’ll be left with one of the most desirable everyday performance cars at any price.

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