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M Power icons – BMW’s best head-to-head, plus new GTI, 765LT and M4

Issue 279 of evo is now on sale, and as always we’re diving into the latest and greatest performance car news, reviews and features.

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Inside issue 279 of evo

Our cover story this month stars three M Power icons – models from different eras that exemplify why BMW remains one of the most significant performance car manufacturers ever. Centred around the brilliant new M2 CS, we pitch it against two spiritual forefathers to find out if BMW M’s allure is as strong now as it was when those cars were new. 

We also drive the new Volkswagen Golf GTI: hot hatch icon and classless every-person, every-day performance car. It may still pack a modest power figure compared to its rivals, but that hasn’t held the GTI back before, and this is only the beginning of the story for the latest generation of hot Golf. How does it fare? Adam Towler gives us his verdict.

The great British sports car faces fresh competition from Dubai, with new-age sports car maker Jannarelly popping onto the scene with a dramatic-looking model to rival heroes from established marques such as Lotus and Morgan. These two British brands may be familiar sights on the road, but there’s a reason why they’ve gathered so much gravitas, and it’s something the Jannarelly must compete with if it’s to break into the Brits’ home-ground. We find out if it’s capable of beating the Brits.

Speaking of old guards, both Bentley and Aston Martin are as associated with British motoring as they come, so we celebrate the end of one dynasty and the rebirth of another. Bentley recently ended production of the Mulsanne, and therefore the 6.75-litre V8 engine that’s been built in Crewe since the middle of the last century. This post-war V8 has done service in all manner of luxury British motor cars, and while its death was inevitable in today’s emission-stringent reality, it is still sad to see the end of what was the most regal of motors. To mark its passing, this month we take one final drive with the ‘six-and-three-quarter’ in the spectacular Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

But where one tradition ends, ex-Aston Martin and Jaguar designer Ian Callum has restarted another, applying the coach build method to one of his own greatest hits: the original Vanquish. With a subtly enhanced body, new chassis set-up and (optionally) a manual transmission, is the Callum Vanquish 25 the car that Aston’s brute always should have been? Richard Meaden decides.

All of this is just the start of what you’ll find inside issue 279 though, as we also take a deep dive into the new BMW M3 and M4, drive McLaren’s new 765LT on the limit, look through the lens at the work of automotive photography legend David Shepherd, give the all-important evo verdict on a host of new arrivals and check out what’s been happening on our Fast Fleet. If you’ve not already subscribed, grab your copy on shelves today! 

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