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Honda Civic hatchback

Honda confirms new Civic Type-R

Honda has confirmed that it is developing a new Civic Type-R, and the model is set to go on sale during 2015.
21 Sep 2012
Honda Civic hatchback

2012 British Touring Car Championship grid gallery

Picture gallery preview of the 2012 British Touring Car Championship and its all-turbocharged grid
21 Mar 2012
Honda Civic hatchback

2012 British Touring Car Championship preview

We preview the 2012 British Touring Car Championship and its all-turbocharged grid
19 Mar 2012
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R Mugen 2.2 review

Exclusive review: we drive the uprated 256bhp, 2.2-litre Honda Civic Type-R Mugen
15 Dec 2011
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda preparing 'NGTC' Civic

Even before the launch of the new Honda Civic at Frankfurt, the Honda Racing Team has been working on the 'Next Generation Touring Car'.
5 Sep 2011
Honda Civic hatchback

270bhp Ariel Atom Mugen revealed

Limited edition Ariel Atom gets 270bhp naturally aspirated Mugen Type-R power. Reveal at Autosport 2011
20 Dec 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda cans the Civic Type-R

Emissions regulations signal the end of the line for Honda's naturally aspirated Civic Type-R
10 Aug 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

Torque Developments supercharged Honda Civic Type-R review

Supercharger conversion creates 237bhp version of Honda's Civic Type-R hot hatch
18 May 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R Mugen review

The production version of Honda's hardcore 237bhp Civic Mugen is now ready. We test it.
16 Apr 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

TTS Performance Honda Civic Type-R review

Supercharged Honda Civic Type-R boasts 337bhp
18 Feb 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R Mugen 200

Honda unveils the Civic Type-R Mugen 200, an LSD equipped special edition hot hatch
16 Feb 2010
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda CR-Z brochure leaks

Brochure of the Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car leaks, revealing Mugen version
9 Dec 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Track Car of the Year 2009: Honda Civic Type-R Mugen

There will only be 20 of these ultimate Type-Rs. It costs over £38,000, but is also the fastest fwd car we've ever had at Bedford
9 Nov 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Mugen’s Ultimate Civic comes to UK

Mugen Euro has confirmed it'll produce a small number of Civic Type Rs for UK
22 Oct 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Mugen Honda Civic Type-R v Championship White Type-R v Civic Type R

First there was the Civic Type-R, then came the enhanced Championship White edition. Now Honda’s hot hatch has been improved once again with the creat…
13 Oct 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Mugen Honda Civic tweaks

Pricing announced for the tweaks to enable you to Mugen your Honda Civic Type-R
1 Oct 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R group test

Stock CTR against the Championship White and Mugen Concept versions
7 Sep 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Mugen's Honda Civic Type-R

First official pictures of Honda's Megane R26.R rivalling Civic Type-R hot hatch
6 Jul 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda's hardcore Civic Type-R

A harder, R26.R-rivaling Honda Civic Type-R hot hatch is due thanks to Mugen
12 Jun 2009
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Mugen RR

The Mugen RR takes front-drive cars to a new level, and we’ve driven the only one in the UK
1 Sep 2008
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R: Honda's real Civic Type-R

Much more impressive hardcore Honda Civic Type-R now available from independent importers
11 May 2007
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-S

Quirky hatch gets warmer, but it’s not yet hot
8 Dec 2006
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic Type-R: Paris: Honda Civic Type-R

Honda unveils a motorsport-only version of the new Civic Type-R in Paris
2 Oct 2006
Honda Civic hatchback

Three-door Civic gets sporty

Honda has released the first photos and details of the Civic three-door and is positioning it as a sporting model
5 Jul 2006