Mercedes-AMG A45 review - is AMG's hot hatch capable of bringing the fight to the Focus RS?

Incredible performance and grip, but lacking the involvement and fun that a great hot hatch requires

Evo rating
from £39,995
  • Blisteringly quick
  • Not quite as rewarding as less powerful and cheaper rivals

evo Verdict

There is absolutely no doubt that the Mercedes-AMG A45 is an incredible technical achievement. Tested here in face-lifted 2016 form, its 376bhp 2-litre, four-cylinder turbo motor is currently the most powerful of its kind in series production. This engine grants the A45 performance stats that best all its rivals, even the new Audi RS3.

The A45 AMG has always had a utilitarian approach to performance. It has incredible outright pace but, in terms of fun, it’s overshadowed by slower rivals. Optional variable rate dampers, have addressed the A45’s overly harsh ride, while revisions to gearbox ratios and improved shift times have made the drivetrain even more aggressive.

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An ultra-powerful, compact four-wheel drive hatch is severely tempting, and some will find the A45’s mix of grip and outright pace truly intoxicating. But in a world where the likes of the Golf R exist, that simply isn’t enough. A hot hatch is as much about personality as it is performance and when a super hatch like the VW offers you both, it seems difficult to justify the huge jump in cost the A45 demands.

evo Tip

The optional £595 AMG Ride Control suspension is an option box worth ticking. Left with the standard springs and dampers the car is a little too stiff for public roads.

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The comfort mode added by the Ride Control is a welcome addition as even the minimal roll and pitch that it affords gives the car a more engaging feeling. 

Optioning ‘Dynamic Package Plus’ adds a front end limited slip diff as well as a ‘Race’ setting to the car’s dynamic select rotor. This option feels less necessary as traction is so good in the A45 as standard. 

evo Comment

'If you like going really fast then the A45 AMG might be the car for you, but I can’t help thinking that a drivers’ car should be more nuanced than this.' Jethro Bovingdon, contributing editor.

Performance and 0-60mph time > The pre-facelift car wasn't exactly underpowered, and the more potent 2016 model takes things to a whole new level Read more about the A45 AMG's performance here

Engine and gearbox > The engine's peak output grows to 376bhp and Merc has tweaked the gearbox accordingly. Straight-line performance is certainly not lacking Read about the A45 AMG's engine and gearbox here

Ride and handling > Huge amounts of grip define the way the A45 drives, but the A45 AMG lacks the fun and adjustability of rivals Read about the A45 AMG's ride and handling here

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MPG and running cost > The engine's 2-litre capacity ensures that when those twin-scroll turbochargers aren't boosting, fuel economy is respectable - Merc claims 40.9mpg and 162g/km of CO2 are possible Read about running and A45 AMG here

Prices, specs and rivals >  Main rivals include the VW Golf R, Audi RS3 and Ford Focus RS. The Audi is closer in terms of straight-line performance, price and luxury. However, the Golf and Focus are cheaper and much more engaging Read about the A45 AMG's rivals here

Interior and tech >  What’s good about the A45’s interior is very good. Sadly, the elements that are not so good are poor Read about the A45 AMG's interior and tech here

Design > The 2016 car represents a mild update rather than full rework, but with optional aero addenda, the A45 AMG is still one of the most lary-looking hot hatches on sale Read about the A45 AMG's design here


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