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BMW 5 Series saloon

evo's £100,000 Fantasy Garage

How would you spend £100,000 on a three car Fantasy Garage? Find out ours here
24 Sep 2012
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW Art Car gallery

As part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations, BMW has rolled out its collection of Art cars.
27 Jul 2012
BMW 5 Series saloon

New BMW M5 M Performance Edition

A YouTube video unveils BMW's first special edition F10M, the M5 M Performance Edition, with new matt paint finishes and a stonking price tag
10 May 2012
BMW 5 Series saloon

340bhp BMW Hybrid 5-Series launched: 340bhp BMW Hybrid 5-Series launched

Details of the new ActiveHybrid5 - capable of 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds.
30 Jan 2012
BMW 5 Series saloon

G-Power teases 611bhp BMW M5

G-Power unveils its tuning plans for the new F10 BMW M5 saloon. First step, 611bhp...
9 Dec 2011
BMW 5 Series saloon

Video drag race: BMW M5 v Panamera v E63 v XFR

The new F10 BMW M5 takes on the Mercedes E63, Jaguar XFR and Porsche Panamera in a video drag race
6 Dec 2011
BMW 5 Series saloon

Latest issue of evo Magazine

evo Car of the Year 2011: Lamborghini Aventador v Ferrari FF v Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 v BMW 1M Coupe and more. Plus Mini Coupe v Corsa Nurburgring v Clio …
10 Nov 2011
BMW 5 Series saloon

Latest issue of evo Magazine

All-new BMW M5, Mercedes SLS AMG roadster, Ferrari V8 supercar megatest - 458 v F430 v 360 v F355 v 348tb v 308, Q-car celebration, Lexus LFA Nurburgr…
10 Oct 2011
BMW 5 Series saloon

G-Power's 224mph BMW M5 Touring

German tuner G-Power gives the BMW M5 Touring 750bhp, enough power to see it past 220mph. Video and pictures here
4 Feb 2011
BMW 5 Series saloon

Five Star - 25 years of the BMW M5

Consistently the best fast saloon, the BMW M5 is now 25. David Vivian drives all four generations
23 Nov 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

Alpina B5 Biturbo review

Alpina's version of the BMW M5 gets a 500bhp, twin-turbo V8
22 Sep 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

G-Power's 231mph BMW M5 revealed

German tuner G-Power winds the BMW M5 V10 super saloon up to 888bhp and 231mph: the fastest ever saloon
18 Aug 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

Alpina's BMW M5: the B5 Bi-Turbo

Alpina previews the new BMW M5 with its twin-turbo, V8 powered 5-series sports saloon
12 Jul 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

New BMW Gran Coupe revealed

BMW unveils its Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 rival, the handsome Gran Coupe performance car
23 Apr 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

612bhp BMW 5-series

Racing Dynamics tweaks the BMW 5-series - 612bhp and 211mph means unofficial M5
4 Jan 2010
BMW 5 Series saloon

Veritas Speedster on sale

The Veritas RSIII Speedster supercar goes on sale; 0-62mph in 3.2sec and 215mph+
20 Oct 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

Brabham Racing BT64

Brabham Racing's M3 took centre stage, but it also brought along a modified M5
8 Jun 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW 5-series Gran Turismo

BMW's segment-straddling 5-series Gran Turismo to come with all turbo power
26 May 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW 5-series in London

evo snaps the brand new BMW 5-series saloon and estate out testing in the centre of London
28 Apr 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

Jaguar XFR v BMW M5

This is the moment of truth for Jaguar’s XFR as it meets BMW’s own 500bhp supersaloon. John Barker takes notes
22 Apr 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW 5-series GT

BMW has unveiled a concept of the highly anticipated 5-Series GT, also known as PAS – and we have the pictures that show the real machine undergoing f…
17 Feb 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW 5-series Gran Turismo

BMW's Geneva motor show concept - a luxury hatchback based on the all-new 5-series
13 Feb 2009
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW M5 v TVR Chimaera v Audi RS2 v Renault Clio V6 v Mazda RX-7 v Subaru Impreza v Lotus Espirit

Panda 100HP just a little too… sensible? We find out what else you can buy for £10K – if you’re prepared to go second-hand
23 Feb 2007
BMW 5 Series saloon

BMW M5: M5 estate in UK by Spring

BMW is launching an estate version of the M5
20 Feb 2007