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In this week’s car pictures from evo issue 272, Richard Meaden gets behind the wheel of a Bond car

James Bond films are perhaps the very reason many of us are so mad about anything with four wheels. Though some may be more fond of the uber-cool submersible Lotus Esprit, there’s no denying that the 007 poster car is Aston Martin’s DB5. In this edition of car pictures from issue 272, we take to the wheel at the marque’s Silverstone testing facility.

Fresh from the set of upcoming Bond film No Time To Die, this is no ordinary DB5, but one built from the ground up by Aston Martin’s crack team of special operations boffins. Developed and assembled in a mind-boggling six-month timeframe, it features a bespoke space-frame chassis, quick-swap, 3D-scanned carbonfibre body panels, and the powertrain from an E46 M3. So yes, it’s a replica, but is that a bad thing?

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Today’s market demands big numbers, from grip, to power, and even wheel dimensions. The result is not one we’re often fond of, but this stunt car takes an entirely different approach. Some 348bhp and a modest 269lb ft of torque come from the same S54 NA straight-six you’ll find in an E46 M3, offering up a sub-5-second 0-62mph time – though certainly no slouch, straight-line speed wasn’t high on the agenda, however.

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A 1000kg kerb weight makes for a 300bhp-per-ton power-to-weight figure, not dissimilar to that of a Porsche 911 GT3. Combine this with a mechanical LSD, a six-speed manual gearbox, Prodrive-developed rally-spec suspension and skinny Avon historic rubber, might it just be one of the world’s best driving machines?

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Car pictures of the week: archive

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Gallery 3

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Gallery 4

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