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In this week’s set of car pictures from issue 285, we follow Jethro Bovingdon as he puts the wild Ruf RTurbo through its paces

Ruf is renowned for producing machines with dramatic headline figures, but two decades since it rolled off the production line, we’ve put the firm’s RTurbo to the test to find out just how much of its edge remains. To read the story in full, pick up your copy of issue 285 out now in shops and available online via Mags Direct

Based on the 996-generation 911, the RTurbo features the same 3.6-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six and (optionally) bodywork as the Turbo, but similarities don’t go much further. Upgraded KKK turbochargers, modified VarioCam engine mounts, the rear differential from the GT2 and a host of other upgrades make it a different beast entirely.

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The 2002 example we have here is finished in Ruf’s trademark Blossom Yellow paintwork, features the more understated Carrera bodywork and, following a 2007 overhaul, both all-wheel drive and a power boost to 542bhp. 3.8sec is all it takes to go from standstill to 62mph, but more impressive is its 217.5mph quoted top speed. Though advancements in tyre technology and traction control systems have dropped acceleration times, that top speed is something that many supercars can’t match even today.

A visit to vast, exotic open roads was off the cards for our drive thanks to the global pandemic, and so cold, damp, dirty roads of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire were the location for our test.

Given the complete lack of traction control, the fitment of all-wheel drive is awfully handy for such conditions and made the RTurbo feel blisteringly fast even all these years on. The real question though, is how does it feel in a world of fire-breathing McLaren 765LTs and 1000bhp hybrid-assisted Ferraris?

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 Car pictures of the week: archive

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