sports cars

Lexus RC coupe

Lexus RC F GT3 racing car

New racer will begin competing in International GT Open series in Europe later this year
28 Feb 2017
Audi TT coupe

Audi TT review

The third generation TT moves the game on, being even better to live with but also sharper to drive
2 Feb 2017
Abarth 124 Spider convertible

Abarth 124 Spider review

Abarth's take on the Fiat 124 is probably the best 'MX-5' yet
27 Jan 2017
Abarth 124 Spider convertible

Abarth 124 Spider review

Abarth's take on the Fiat 124 is probably the best 'MX-5' yet
27 Jan 2017
Ford Mustang coupe

Ford Mustang hits the wall with 2-star Euro NCAP score

Lack of modern safety technology and other flaws mark Ford's sports car down in the latest round of tests
25 Jan 2017
Mazda MX-5 convertible

Hardcore special edition Mazda MX-5s possible

Roadster and RF likely to form the basis of driver-focused special edition MX-5s
19 Jan 2017
BMW 4 Series coupe

2017 BMW M4 heads updated 4-series range

Subtle styling tweaks, new LEDs and interior improvements are among the changes to BMW's coupe and convertible range
16 Jan 2017
Best cars

Best sports cars under £30,000

With a limited budget, these are the best new sports cars you can buy
16 Jan 2017
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Ford Escort RS Cosworth buying guide

25 years old in 2017, we look back at what made the Escort 'Cossie' significant - and what to look for when buying
16 Jan 2017
Jaguar F-Type coupe

Jaguar reveals new, updated F-type

Jag’s sports car gets new tech, a new look and two new models
9 Jan 2017
Mercedes AMG GT coupe

Mercedes-AMG GT C Edition 50 heads up AMG's 50th anniversary

Special edition AMG GT C and updated 2017 AMG GT models announced to coincide with the brand's half-centenary
9 Jan 2017
Porsche 911 coupe

2017 Porsche 911 GTS - Turbo engine and 194mph top speed

New turbocharged GTS can hit 62mph in as little as 3.6sec, PASM and wide body are standard
9 Jan 2017
Toyota GT 86 coupe

Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 goes drifting - video

Ryan Tuerck's remarkable Ferrari-powered Toyota "GT4586" has its first track outing
6 Jan 2017
Bentley Continental GT coupe

700bhp Bentley Continental GT Supersports to be announced

Bentley has released a new video showing at its most extreme model yet
5 Jan 2017
Ford Mustang coupe

Ford Mustang to get hybrid variant

V8 levels of power and torque when Ford's hybrid pony-car arrives in 2020
3 Jan 2017
Group tests

Fiat 124 Spider v Mazda MX-5 - Platform Souls

Which is the more rewarding roadster, Mazda's MX-5 or the new Fiat 124 Spider?
2 Jan 2017
Group tests

Mercedes-AMG GT v Jaguar F-type R Coupe AWD

Two front-engined coupes powered by big, forced-induction V8s, but which should your £100,000 go on?
27 Dec 2016
Subaru BRZ coupe

Subaru BRZ gets subtle tweaks for 2017 update

Engine, chassis and interior tweaks for Subaru's twin to the Toyota GT86
5 Dec 2016
Mazda MX-5 convertible

BBR Super 175 - Third-gen MX-5 1.8 gets welcome power boost

Oft-overlooked 1.8-litre MX-5 now makes almost 100bhp per litre
5 Dec 2016
Mercedes AMG GT R

New Mercedes-AMG GT R unveiled

More powerful, track-focused AMG GT takes inspiration from the GT3 race car
23 Nov 2016
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider convertible

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider v Porsche Boxster Spyder review

The 981 Boxster Spyder is one of our favourite sports cars, but Alfa Romeo's 4C spider is a tough car to resist. Or is it?
7 Nov 2016
Mazda MX-5 convertible

Mazda MX-5 Speedster Evolution and RF Kuro debut at SEMA

Pair of concepts feature inspiration from the Global Cup car, with low weight and uprated suspension
1 Nov 2016
Nissan 350Z coupe

Nissan 350Z 2003-2009: review, specs and buying guide

Nissan's mini muscle car is aging nicely and offers simple pleasures from just £5000. Is it all too good to be true?
31 Oct 2016
Nissan 350Z coupe

Nissan 350Z buying guide

The reborn Z-car had old-school character but thoroughly modern build quality. Today, just £5500 could get you into a good one
31 Oct 2016