In-depth reviews

In-depth reviews

Lexus LC 500 Coupe review – Lexus’s buji coupe a brilliant alternative GT

Lexus has created a wonderfully distinct, charismatic and desirable alternative to German rivals
29 Jan 2019
Ford Focus Hatchback

2018 Ford Focus review – fun, but no longer flawed, the Focus back to its best

It may not be quite as sharp as its predecessor, but Ford filled in the gaps making for an impressive family hatchback
16 Nov 2018
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift review

The regular Swift and the Swift Sport share many attributes, but the hot hatch fails to live up to expectations
11 Oct 2018
Volvo XC40 SUV

Volvo XC40 review – surprisingly capable compact SUV

The XC40 is actually a decent steer, chassis delivers good blend of agility and comfort, while petrol engines are punchy if characterless
4 Oct 2018
Honda Civic hatchback

Honda Civic review - does the Type R’s class translate lower down the range?

It’s clear the Type R has had a positive effect on the standard Civic’s handling, but a mini Type R this is not
27 Sep 2018

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth – review, history, prices and specs

From three-door homologation special to the four-door Sapphire Cosworth, here’s everything you need to know about the Sierra RS Cosworth
25 Sep 2018
Audi Q8 SUV

Audi Q8 review – a master of comfort and refinement

Audi’s first coupe SUV isn’t the last word in driving thrills, but it serves up an easy to live with and satisfying package
5 Sep 2018
Skoda Citigo hatchback

Skoda Citigo

Not a true thriller, but a competent car in which some fun can be had.
18 Jul 2018
Audi A8 saloon

Audi A8 review

High-tech and slick inside and out, the A8 is an impressive luxury car - if not quite as compelling as an S-class
3 May 2018
Mercedes E63 AMG

Mercedes-AMG E63 review

Merc’s big V8-powered saloon and estate is about more than its big power and incredible acceleration times
2 May 2018
Kia Stinger GT

Kia Stinger review

In its most powerful V6-powered form, the Stinger works as a real drivers' car. While the four-cylinder models are also enjoyable
2 May 2018