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Lotus Elise convertible

2012 Lotus Elise S review

The new supercharged Lotus Elise S has 217bhp and one of the most balanced chassis on sale
6 Jun 2012
Lotus Elise convertible

Motormutt hero: Lotus Elise S1

Richard Meaden introduces us to the first of his Friday daydreams - cars found through evo's Motormutt used car search engine
16 Mar 2012
Lotus Elise convertible

Video: Harry Metcalfe's Lotus Elan Sprint

evo boss Harry Metcalfe introduces us to his classic Lotus Elan Sprint sports car on video
12 Jan 2012
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise Club Racer

2 Nov 2011
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise Club Racer review

We review the lighter, more hardcore Lotus Elise roadster, the Club Racer
21 Apr 2011
Lotus Elise convertible

New Lotus Elise revealed

The new Lotus revolution brings a new take on the Elise sports car. More power and prestige
7 Oct 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

Tesla Roadster at Crystal Palace

Roger Green drives the future supercar - Tesla's Roadster - at a track from Britain's past, Crystal Palace
8 Jul 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise 1.6 roadster review

Don't be fooled by the mild facelift - there are crucial changes under the skin of the new Elise
18 May 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise video review

Henry Catchpole road tests the latest Lotus Elise roadster on evo TV
4 May 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

New Lotus Elise reviewed

Lotus has introduced a new entry-level Elise with a 1.6-litre Toyota engine. As good as the old 1.8?
15 Apr 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

Ginetta G40 review

evo drives the Ginetta G40 sports car in racing spec at Silverstone. Lotus Elise worrier?
22 Mar 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

New Lotus Elise

Lotus has revealed its new Elise roadster for Geneva. Evora-alike styling, less emissions
16 Feb 2010
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise SC v Tesla Roadster

Whisper-quiet electric Tesla or petrol-powered traditional Lotus Elise? We find out which is fastest
27 May 2009
Lotus Elise convertible

Andy Green's racing Lotus Elise

Land Speed Record holder Green to race Lotus in the Elise Trophy at Snetterton
13 Mar 2009
Lotus Elise convertible

Stark Lotus Elise

Reworked Lotus gets 236bhp Honda engine
16 Feb 2009
Lotus Elise convertible

Stark Elise

Reworked Lotus gets 236bhp Honda engine
4 Aug 2008
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise SC

Supercharger gives Elise 217bhp, but does it really need it?
18 Mar 2008
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise: Tokyo show 2007: Quicker Elise announced

Supercharged Elise shown at Tokyo, and news of the 2+2 Eagle
3 Dec 2007
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise S1

Yet more trouble and strife for Mr Fraser, as the Elise fails its MOT emission test
31 Jan 2007
Lotus Elise convertible

Lobini H1: Brazil‘s Elise rival

180bhp Lobini H1 to offer Lotus-style thrills
2 Jan 2007
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise S1

It's been a frustrating summer of service hell for Brett Fraser and his ageing S1
17 Nov 2006
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise S: evo Car of the Year 2006

Lotus Elise S
17 Nov 2006
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus S1 Elise v Lotus S2 Elise S: Light Years

With the arrival of the new 134bhp 'S', the Elise has gone back to basics. But how does it compare with the original of ten years ago?
29 Aug 2006
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise

Return of the entry-level Lotus Elise, now with Toyota power. For road use this could be the best Elise to date...
21 Aug 2006