Peugeot 208 review - a supermini for keen drivers?

Not the best-driving car in the class, but GTi models prove there's a good chassis underneath Peugeot's supermini

Evo rating
from £12,065
  • Neat ride and handling, strong turbocharged three-cylinder engine
  • Lacks body control in faster driving, steering light on feel

evo Verdict

If you can’t quite stretch to the GTi and GTi by Peugeot Sport versions of the 208 – or the performance versions of other superminis – then the basic 208 is still one of the better options available to you in the class.

It offers a fine ride and handling balance, drinks fuel at a modest rate and has one of the better cockpits among its rivals – if you can adjust to life with Peugeot’s iCockpit design, which places the instruments just below the windscreen and a smaller wheel in your hands. The 208 isn’t the last word in affordable thrills – a Fiesta or Mini is still the choice there – but it should be on your shortlist.

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evo Tip

The top trim line below the GTi models is GT Line, and it’s the one you’ll want to pick if you still want a semblance of sporting appeal in your 208 without a GTi-style price tag.

While sport suspension isn’t on the specification list, you do get 17-inch wheels, sports seats and some styling tweaks, as well as the punchiest engine options.

evo Comment

If you’re expecting GTi-like thrills from the rest of the 208 range then you’ll probably come away disappointed, a situation not helped by the disappearance of the 154bhp version of Peugeot’s 1.6-litre turbocharged engine. But there’s still fun to be had guiding the 208 down a B-road, making deft inputs through the small wheel and sailing over craggy surfaces with greater composure than many of its rivals manage.


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