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BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 GTS review

Chris Harris drives the mega M3 GTS, BMW's hardcore Porsche 911 GT3 RS rival. 444bhp and 190mph...
13 Jul 2010
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M Power app

BMW M Power app allows you to track driving progress in your M Division performance car
7 Jan 2010
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 Edition

Tiny changes make this the best E90 BMW M3 yet
3 Nov 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW Vision concept

It's the M3 of the future - a 3-cylinder diesel hybrid that showcases BMW technology
29 Aug 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 Edition

We try out the limited production BMW M3 Edition coupe. How different is it?
30 Jul 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 Tornado

Potent BMW tuner G-Power turns its hand to the BMW's mighty M3 Coupe
1 Jun 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 twin test

Current BMW M3 takes a sideways glance at the original E30 version on evo test track
15 Apr 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

Birth of an icon 1986: BMW E30 M3

Not cheap when it went on sale in 1987, but the M3's universal praise from the motoring press ensured its success
9 Apr 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

Infiniti G37S Coupe v BMW 335i

Infiniti is coming to Europe with its 316bhp G37S Coupé, but is it good enough to tempt customers away from BMW's 335i? Here's where we find out
19 Feb 2009
BMW 3 Series saloon

202mph BMW M3

Zwickenpflug Beemer gains extra power and plush interior
25 Nov 2008
BMW 3 Series saloon

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG v BMW M3 saloon

Which is the best £50K V8 saloon, the new four-door version of BMW’s M3 or the mighty Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG?
22 Oct 2008
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3 Convertible

Folding hard-top and dual-clutch transmission arrive at the same time
10 Jul 2008
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3: BMW M3 Convertible

An April launch is scheduled for the new M3 convertible
21 Jan 2008
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3: BMW M3 four-door

Following on from a reader spy shot in September, official images from BMW now confirm the existence of the four-door M3
10 Oct 2007
BMW 3 Series saloon


It’s here at last… We drive the new 414bhp V8 M3
13 Aug 2007
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3: V8 engine technology

The new BMW M3’s 414bhp V8, and how it rates against its rivals from Audi and Mercedes
5 May 2007
BMW 3 Series saloon

BMW M3: BMW M3 pricing revealed

BMW M3 pricing set to take the fight to recent rival Audi RS4
3 May 2007